God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

We all worship God in our good as well as bad times. He is the one who has gifted all of us some unique talent. God has made everyone eccentric and awesome. We all have some talent and skills inside us, which we recognize at some point in our life. We just have to discover our talent and use it in the proper place. If you fail in any area, then keep searching till you find something that you can excel in. I believe that God gives you special talent that you can excel in, so try to recognize that special talent. But sometimes people entirely depend on God for their problems. They consider that god is there to solve their problems. But God only helps those who are willing to help themselves.


If a person is not ready to accept the situation and face it, then God can also not help him to come out of the difficult situation. These situations are just to check our belief and confidence in ourselves. But more we hinder ourselves from facing the problems, we move away from the grace of God. We just choose to run away from our problems rather than facing them. These obstacles are to make us stronger in life. Everyone has to face some ups and downs in his life but just ignoring or avoiding the problem is not the right way to tackle any problem.  By indulging yourself in negative thoughts, beliefs, and ideas people often throw away the happiness they have. God can only show you the way but it is the person’s will to move on that way. For example, if you are looking for a job, then pray to God to help you find a job but then be active in actually looking for a job.


God helps those who are dedicated and have passion towards their work. Those who worship their work never face any problems in his or her life. Hard work is the only key to impress God by your work. God has blessed us with lot of potential, power and talent. He expects us to make full use of them. He cannot encourage us to lead a miserable and a sorrowful life. God is always there to provide shelter to his devotees but he wants us to develop our personality to the fullest possible extent. He wants us to see physically strong and mentally fit as a human being. Self-help is the greatest virtue of life. A self-sustaining person has a strong will and determination. He overcomes all the hurdles which come in his way. Fortune favours only those who challenge difficulties and overcome them by their remarkable efforts. Only these people deserve the taste of success. As it is rightly said by Colin Powell-“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Some people think that since they worship God, God will sprinkle all kind of blessings on them. They remain in an illusion that God will help them in all cases. But this is entirely false. Some people always have the habit of complaining. They never feel satisfied with what they have in their hands and always demand for more and more. These people don’t enjoy their life and always consider their life useless and boring. They lose their temper and become impatient. Such types of people start losing everything which they have earned and happiness starts fading from their life. God doesn’t like those who waste their time and energy in just dreaming of success and fame.  He is on the side of those who sweat and struggle to make their destiny. Man is only responsible for his destiny and no person other than him can change it.


Some people have a strong belief that everything is predetermined and inevitable. But it is not like that. Everything can change around you with your attitude and thinking. But you should have the will to change things according to you. So depend upon your own efforts and hard work and pray to God to make your life successful. Your efforts are the primary thing in your life and rest are just secondary. If you are doing your work with full determination and enthusiasm, then no one can stop you from being prosperous. Basically, you have to perform in this world to get things done. It is very rare that things show up by themselves.  You can’t predict the result of your hard work but it is very sure that God never disappoint those people who do their work with full passion. We just have to act and then leave the results to God.

So it is very necessary to make your own efforts to get closer to your dream. You just have to struggle hard and then only you shall be awarded. Just pray to God to let you achieve what you want in life. So it is fair to say that God’s help is more effective if you are seriously trying to do your part to help yourself.

It is correctly said by Jean Anouilh-“Men create real miracles when they use their God-given courage and intelligence.”

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