God – Because there are Questions that even Google can’t answer.

Does God really exist? Or does he not? Is he real? Or just a man made figure who people worship and pray and make their idol? Is he some supernatural power that controls the people all around world like puppets of his hand? Is it just a myth that people believe in that thousands of years ago people had actually seen god? Some believe in it and there are many who don’t. In today’s world of technology everything is science and miracles don’t really happen anymore. But half the people may contradict them as they truly believe in GOD and believe that he exists and takes care of their pains and miseries. He will do something bad to those who have done anything wrong and do not even regret it. As far as good things are concerned, people are fruitfully rewarded for doing the rightful thing. But is all this true? Or just some which we believe in just because we were taught to? How can we possibly trust something we haven’t seen? How can we trust somebody so much that we pray and worship him for making us successful in life? Where on one hand people devote themselves to this almighty power, on the other hand are atheist and who do not believe that any such power exists.

This topic will remain debatable forever and ever. And I am personally on no one’s side. There are things and point of views of both people that force me to sway my mind and ponder about both the statements for and against his existence. We say God exists. If it is really so then why are there so many miseries that still exist in this world? Why are there people dying of hunger? Why do natural calamities occur? Why are the people who ruin this world still alive and many who did something for the betterment not present to see this world? Why are so many terrorists, thieves and criminals not behind the bars? Why do these people get a bail from the law even after doing wrong? Why are women still being tortured and abused? Why is still their modesty being outraged? Why so many wars? Can’t God fix these issues? But those who believe in the almighty also believe that our fate has been written by him. What has to happen will happen and nobody can do anything about it. If it is so why do be become greedy and worship him? Why do we take candles to the church to fulfil our wishes and bow our head down at the mosques? Why do we offer sweets in temple and expect him to make everything okay?
Isn’t this selfish of us to be dependant completely on him and bribe him just to achieve something? Will it really listen? According to a survey 28 percent of the people who believe in god is, because their wishes come true. So basically it is not love and devotion that we offer him. And certainly not his blessing that we need but it is our greed that wants us to believe in him. The question here is will you still believe in god if a mishap takes place? I have seen people around me changing their views about God as their fate changes. They stop believing and trusting that figure who was once their idol.
One more thing to be brought into notice is why do we have these temples, churches and mosques. When people say God is omnipresent then why look for him in all these places? Also why to have those offering boxes outside all these places when you can actually help a poor in need with all that money ,because it is not God who will take all those offerings , it is the people there who will. With so much of technology around us , it is hard for anyone to believe that God exists. Science is the key to everything. Everything works according to their respective rules. If the earth revolves around the sun there is a scientific explanation to it also.
But who created us then? Who created this universe? HOW did the first DNA molecule come about? Such questions tend to make you fall into a dilemma and wonder if God does exist. Even the greatest of all scientist- Albert Einstien believed in the presence of the almighty “If the solution seems simple, God is answering.” Approximately 90 percent of the people in this world believe in god and have seen their lives change. Miracles did happen to them which made them believe that if they love and trust in this supernatural power, they will never be harmed by anything in their lives. “We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature- trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence. See the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence…we need silence to be able to touch souls.” – Bob Marley. Well no one has actually seen God and no one will ever. Not because he doesn’t exist but because nobody will ever selflessly believe in him. This question will always remain a mystery.

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