Good energy Vs Bad energy

We would have heard a lot of philosophers and saints talk about energy and utilizing it wisely. But what is this energy? Is it something that is present only in a few people? This energy is what that fills the soul of our body. It is the one that makes us eat, think, sleep, walk etc. God has been impartial till date in providing every single organism with its own special qualities and abilities. And He has also given all of us that energy in equal amounts. But, how is that, that the saints and yogis have that power to control their body and mind and we don’t?


The reason is pretty simple. In our fast paced world, we have very little time for understanding our within and acting according to the energy balance of our body. We sleep at 2 in the morning, get up at 9.00am, have a sip of coffee and a bite of sandwich, run to office, work till 1.00am. Hence, our body has lost its balance and it is unable to get into the sync. Saints and yogis, streamlined their energy towards one route; utilized it to the maximum; controlled their desires, mind, and body.

I also see another wrong attitude among people these days, the spreading of “bad energy.” It is quite disheartening to know that this bad energy is formed by people, within people and spread to people. Bad energy can also be called as, self-demotivating, self-accusing, talking only about negative aspects in day-to-day life activities. This does not only damage their own mind and thinking process but also affects the others around them. This is called the spread of bad energy.

We might be pushed to the extent of thinking about negative things. Say, a common man is bound to have negative thoughts like what if he doesn’t satisfy the family’s needs? What if he is kicked out of his current job? And so on. These thoughts must readily be answered by our own self with positive and self-motivating answers like, “my family is happy”; “my children are adorable”; “I love my job and I am sure I will succeed”. If the negative attitudes are not answered by positives by the energy within us, we are sure to dig our own grave very soon.


Also, we must be able to identify bad energy elements which live around us and isolate us from them carefully. Young children and teens easily fall prey towards bad energy. Some teachers, in the name of advising, pressurize students and threaten them. Some of the common phrases used by the teachers today are “you will fail tomorrow’s test” “you are fit for nothing” “you will never pass”. Such phrases are buried deep inside a student’s mind and they keep pushing him or her towards the bottom of the sink and ultimately into the drain. This is also the bad energy and negative attitude that pushes the students and young minds to take adverse steps like suicide attempts and many become school dropouts.

Miracles do happen when there is constant positive energy around you. Mothers are the biggest sources of positive energy in today’s homes. There was an incident where, a mother kept motivating her physically challenged son that he is just like the other boys playing on the streets and just that God has asked him to take some rest for a while. One fine day, to everyone’s surprise, the boy started walking without the help of his crutches and started being a normal child.

Nothing is impossible in today’s world. Most of us have grown up listening to stories of karma-yogis, Buddha, Jesus, lord Krishna and so on. Not believing and believing is up to one’s own perspective. But, never forget that, our fore-fathers were better scientists and mathematicians than us. Every single thing designed by them was for a specific reason. They wouldn’t have been able to achieve miracles like calculating the distance between the Earth and the Sun if they hadn’t had confidence in their own self. Those days, there were no sophisticated machines and satellites that could do anything and everything unlike today. Self-confidence and positive thinking and spreading of good energy made them succeed in their lives.


Not everyone is born a genius. Not everyone can become Sachin Tendulkar and Warren Buffet. But, always remember that, not everyone can become YOU. YOU are your own master and YOU are the controller of your mind and system. Always make sure you are surrounded by people who talk positive stuff and motivating things to become a better person in life. Also, if you are just going to be at the receiving end, it is not going to help you much. Propagate the good energy, spread smiles and happiness among people. Materialistic achievements are not everything in life. Seeing a beggar smile is an achievement; educating a hand full of people is also an achievement.  One who controls his or her own system efficiently is the ultimate winner. We are born with two hands and two legs and we die with the same or sometimes even without them. But, what we leave behind is a soul. If you were a person of happiness, positive energy, affirmative thinking and contentment, your soul is sound and rests in peace.


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