Good Girls Love Bad Guys; Why Doomed?

good girls love bad boys; why doomed?

Are you attention deprived ? , bullied ? , rudely talked to ? . Is the “I Deserve Better ” feeling coming in your mind. Then leave girls. Leave that guy you thought is the guy of your dreams and move on.  Often girls or for a matter of fact women too find themselves questioning that why do they fall for guys or men who are too difficult to be with. After all what is the reason of finding them so attractive.

The reason to this is not that difficult to find. The ” BAD BOYS” clan have this dominant characteristic, this strong personality and an enduring charm in them which is too difficult for girls to resist .We fall for them probably because we are tired being wooed by too flattering and cheesy compliments. It is now that we want someone to talk straight to us, blunt at times being totally honest about his feelings. These characteristics often give girls this feeling of this strong and vibrant dream man often found in movies. ” WE” as girls find this dominant nature manly and hence we might agree being dominated at times . It is because after all the straightforward and blunt talks when that guy says a sweet thing , totally unexpected, we fall for him all over again. We are in love with this ” authoritative” bad boy inspired by movies and all girls sometime or the other want such a guy in their life. Girls feel loved when that guy gives his ego a back seat just for her. The feeling that the guy did it just for her makes her feel special . ” BAD BOYS” are also fun , interesting and gives an escape from the boring life.

Girls stick around. Its because  we won’t  mind being ignored sometimes for such guys. We don’t want to lose a guy who at one point of time bowed or changed for us. We don’t mind being taken for granted given that the guy sticks around and is loyal. But girls forget that a relationship does not only include strong guy but respect too. There is absolutely no need for one to sacrifice her self respect for a guy she thinks is going to protect her. What is the point of being in a relationship full of insecurities , verbal abuses and mini breakups. Why are guys who give you respect , time , space , attention being considered not so strong personalities. Just because they are too polite and don’t fight over petty issues or because they listen to you too easily and respect your point of view.The  image of some movie character say Edward in the twilight series influences us to a great extent . Edward was dominant on Bella sometimes in the movie but he truly loved her gives us false hopes and make up our fantasies. Girls just wont mind being treated badly at times and saying the big “SORRY” for no reason for a guy she thinks loves her. We want the guy, the bad guy to change only for us.

We might find these characteristics or qualities attractive in the initial phase of the relationship but it does create problems with time making us judge our own choice – for things are not the way they used to be. And the relationship we thought was happy and everlasting becomes all complicated and difficult to handle. We stick around hoping for some change , we deep down inside know is never going to happen because that is what for we liked him initially. Its because the efforts he made to get you , he is never going to make to keep you since now he already has you.

The ” Manliness” girls search for in a guy for a sense of protection cannot be judged by their behavior. Respect and equality is important in a love relationship.If not given it should be demanded. So stop bending and being flexible all the time for a guy who is not going to stick around for long. Stop comparing your guy from that guy in the movie because we all know real life is much more different. You don’t want to be dominated for the whole of your life, being shut up and being rudely spoken to just because yo fell in love with the wrong guy.  The guy you thought was strong enough to protect you but definitely not sensitive and understanding enough to keep you happy. You know him the very moment you meet him.

Yes the bad guys are attractive in a million ways and every girl falls in love with one at one point of time in her life. We want to be with them all the more because they are to be chased  and we often run after people who don’t pay us any attention. That famous guy in the college or school , the lead guitarist of a rock band , the captain of the sports team -yes  we find them amazing and cool and we want to experience how is it to be with them because probably for them the ” good girls ” don’t even exist. We fall for bad guys unaware of their bad guy traits.


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