The Good Ol’ Days

The Arthur Conan Doyle. Alfred Hitchcock. Agatha Christie. Ian Flemming. The Godfather. Sean Connery.
I can go on forever with such names. That age when everything was simple. It was all black and white. Straight forward. To the point. With a tinge of spice in the air for that breathe of adventure.
With the onset of technology, today’s books and movies, all forms of entertainment, everything has suddenly become so fast paced, technical, and sometimes rather unimaginable. People are finding their ways around making the impossible, possible. But as I sat back, sipping my coffee and just thinking, about those times when the movies were just a replica of how times were at the time, or how the books spelt out each phrase of how life was at that very moment, a lot of these old classics came to my mind, making me smile as I went back to each of the special stories attached to these classics.

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Have you watched Grease? The suave John Travolta with the ever gorgeous Olivia Newton-John, danced their way into my heart and settled there in such a way, that whenever I watch this movie, it always manages to cheer me up, and keeps my spirits up for the entire day.  I found myself relating to it in so many ways, it’s not even funny. Or how about musicals like the Sound of Music? The beautiful elegance with which the whole story comes together remains unmatched till today. Till today, I hum the songs and the different tunes of the musical, and surprisingly, everyone around me joins in as well sometimes, taking us all back to the time when music was so simple and serene.
Moving over to the James Bond series, as per popular belief, the original Sean Connery, remains unbeatable till today, though if you ask me, Pierce Brosnan has given him some pretty tough competition. You think of these two dapper, suited up men, with that style, that charm, and a shiver goes down your spine as you realize you’re drooling over such men, wishing that mystique, mystery and spice was present in your life. If you compare those original series to the Bond movies of today, Daniel Craig seems to be a completely different kind of Bond. He is, what I like the believe, the new Bond with his stout figure, blond hair and blue eyes, who prefers his muscles to his charm, something his predecessors had perfected, during their time. A charm that cannot be duplicated.

If we look at some of the books, how can you not think of Sherlock Holmes from Baker Street, with his beloved Watson always by his side as they solve all the cases across London. It’s amazing how the toughest of mysteries seem to be so easy as you read Holmes’ explanation and you realize how the answer was right under your nose. It’s all in the art of observing and not just seeing; listening and not just hearing. Holmes makes it sound so simple, as you try to relate and imitate his witty poise and mind knowing you will never reach anywhere as close as he does with his “skills”, which surprisingly we all possess, we just don’t take the time out to use them the way they are meant to be. Don’t you remember, trying to get the best of him as you tried so hard to solve the case, tried to warn him of impending danger. The creepy ambiance in The Hound of Baskerville, keeps you glued to the story, as you get so involved that you don’t even realise when you started sweating a little.
How about the little Belgian Hercule Poirot, with his “grey cells”, an amazing creation by Agatha Christie. The twinkling eyes, with that mischievous smile and the little flirtations here and there, keep you animated and intrigued as you keep wondering about what will happen next. The chill you feel in the air around you, when the plot gets too sinister or when you realize, that sometimes you just cannot trust everyone around you. I bet you started looking at everyone around you with questioning eyes as well after reading some of his cases.

The Godfather. The polite drawls, giving orders which must be obeyed, makes you want to listen to him as well. Crossing his path could be extremely dangerous, and you hope you never have to meet someone like that. It’s stories like these, that keep provoking you to buy more and you realize you get so involved and completely engrossed that you lose complete track of everything else around you. The acting by Al Pacino, blows your mind away. No one could have done it better than him and you realize you’re repeating his dialogues during your everyday life, trying to ape him in any way possible.
It’s stories like these that I miss. The thoughts where you didn’t need technology to rule over everything, you had your brains, your charm and your wit. These characters had that personality to carry themselves in such a manner, that everyone around them gets mesmerized as they stay in awe of them. Everyone from every where can relate to them in some way or the other, because everyone knows them. I bet you have some more movies or books in your mind at this very moment, which you would be reaching out for right about now, or maybe later tonight. They have that thing about them that calms you down instantly, I know.
These are the evergreen characters who one will remember always as you remember all those times you were in competition with yourself, and it kind of makes you realize how all these characters are a part of yourself, of who you are and you just some patience and time, to bring that part of yourself to the front. Everyone can be a Holmes, a Poirot, or even the Godfather for that matter, you just have to bring that patience and remove yourself of all restrictions. Simple. Live life in a happy way, be who you want to be, and not someone lost in this whirlpool of a maze of today’s’ rather technical life. Live simple.

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