The Good Old 90′s and How Much We Miss them

Yesterday while traveling to my college listening songs on my I-pod, one particular song got me stuck-What is Love by Haddaway. Yes, that is one pretty old song to be still playing over my playlist but I’m pathetically lazy when it comes to managing my mp3s and particularly when it comes to discarding old stuff. Moreover I still kinda like that song. But what got me thinking for hours were the thousand memories that came back rushing over my mind and took me down the memory lane, into an era called the 90’s. Being born in 1994, I call myself a part of the proud set of people who have labelled themselves as “90’s kids”. Sure for everyone their childhood years and the things of the past are special but there was something else about the 90’s. Something magical that every time we hear about or see a thing which used to be popular in that decade, we get filled with nostalgia and can have endless discussions about how times were.

90’s were the years of some of the most hilarious cartoons that can give any of today’s cartoon shows a run for their money! Dexter’s Laboratory, Johny Bravo, Powerpuff Girls, SWAT Cats and how can we forget the Ninja Turtles and Power rangers. Though today there are more than a dozen cartoon channels playing hundreds of new shows, the charm about the old Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon was irreplaceable. Now whenever I watch the kids watching the current cartoons like Phineas and Ferb and Ben10 I feel pity for them. (Sorry Kids!) For they will never be able to watch some greatest shows of 90’s or enjoy Nick in the Afternoon, Disney Afternoon or FOX Kids the way we did. And remember when it was actually worth getting up at 7am on a Saturday morning just to watch television? Those were the days!

1990s backstreet boys

90’s has also been an year of phenomenal music. Those were the times when disco was a thing of the past and the world was tapping its feet on teen pop and hip hop.  The extremely popular Spanish song Macarena was released and became an instant hit worldwide. Whenever the song would play on a speaker there wouldn’t be even a single soul not shouting with it “Aee Macarena”! And remember the super catchy tune of We like to Party by Vengaboys? We had it all. With songs like Quit Playing Games With My Heart and As Long As You Love Me, Backstreet Boys were something that One Direction can never be. And how can I not mention Jennifer Lopez’s If You Had My Love or Aqua’s Barbie Girl? We still read its lyrics and just happen to sing it in that girl’s tone! “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie w-o-o-r-l-d!” And all these songs were not in our 16GB memory cards but we would sit in front of television and wait for them to come up next or just call up the radio station to request them to play our favorite songs.

1990s video games

The 21st century is all about latest technology. Smartphones, X Box and tablets have taken over the world and its people. But a time existed when the 16 bit and 32/64 bit games were the most popular ones. There were no huge LED screens or fancy gaming consoles but a bulky gaming console from Nintendo that would play video games using gaming cartridges, the cartridges we would be blowing dust out of whenever they din’t work properly. Super Mario and Mario Kart were two of the most played games.

1990s goosebumps

Today’s kids are so much engrossed either in studies or their laptops. But back then we had time to actually read books other than our course books. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter conquered everyone’s hearts. The first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out in 1997 followed by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and ghosh! We loved those books so much. While most of us were fantasizing about the magical world of Hogwarts, some of us liked to live dangerously and would read the spooky stories of Goosebumps and flaunt how fearless we are!

1990s 3D wallpaper

Personal computers did not look the way they do now, in 1990’s. There were no LED screens but huge box like monitors and no countless HD wallpapers available online but the 3D pipes screensaver did amaze us every time we looked at it. And sure as hell we didn’t get an I-phone or a Blackberry while we were still in school. Facebook? What the heck is that?

Since then times have changed pretty much. For better or for worse but yes changed. The floppy disks have disappeared and pendrives or the more advanced one, cloud has taken its place. There are inline skates while all we entered our skating ring with, was those most basic of skating shoes ever made. The growing up years are always special and memorable but living them in 90’s made them truly extraordinary. We were just growing up, just having fun but who would have thought that someday we would miss that time so much.

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