Got Rejected? Do not worry, because rejection is that tiny door that allows you to reach more better things in life.

 “Misfortune is the best fortune.

  Rejection by all is victory”


 A few months back I sent a copy of a short story which I wrote, to one of the leading magazine to get published in their issue and waited by checking every issue since than, if my story is out and published. I waited and waited looking every month and finally, one day I received my manuscript back with a note from the editor that they are really sorry for not being able to publish and with best compliments for my future.

Believe me, nothing was as painful as being rejected. I’ am sure you can imagine my reaction, a letter just like that, without any reason, as why my story was rejected! and I was so hurt. I started to think maybe, its not good enough and probably its not in me to write a good story so that I can be published. But I could not rest and I had to give another try. So I posted the same story to three different publications. To my surprise my story got selected in all the three. But I had to choose one, as publishers normally do not print which is already published elsewhere. So there, getting rejected from one, opened doors to many others and where I got an opportunity to choose as well.

We face a lot a of rejection in many things. Be it in a relationship, love, career, friends, proposals, at work etc everything is equally difficult and there is no greater pain, although what we fail to understand is that all that happens is for good. Remember every successful man has faced many rejections to reach up to the level of success.

Rejection can happen anywhere with anything for anyone. It is always healthy to develop a way to accept rejection gracefully and not let it destroy you. Over thinking about the loss by being rejected can only bring us more pain and nothing else. Hence its important to learn how to bounce back to life and try more harder to reach our goals and dreams.

Some of the ways which we can try to follow to bounce back when we are rejected are,

Cry it out


The first and foremost of any problem, is to put the pain out of our system and crying out for better, can be one way to do it. When we are hurt, its difficult to think rationally and most, usually like to cry over it. Its not bad, crying your heart out some times can help you to clear your mind and can let you to think with a clear mind. So when you are hurt by rejection, its not wrong to feel bad for it. Let go those hurt feeling and calm your mind.

Realize the reason for being hurt


We get hurt is because we let it”. Each person’s capability of accepting pain is different. Understand the real cause of you being hurt. Sometimes when we loose something it causes us more pain, is because we believe that we cannot live without it or them. For example, a boy or a girl who was in love and break up they feel like the world has come to an end. Recognize such feelings which are just delusion for being happy and understand that life has more better things for you to enjoy.

Do not take it personally


Well, almost everyone tell this to us, when they hurt us as “do not take it personally”. A moment, it can even make us angry making us think “how dare after hurting, you tell me not to take it personally”. But there is always an underlying truth in it. We might be at the receiving end of the rejection and that might seem like its the end of everything we might have worked for, as long as it took. But a person who might have rejected might not be aware of the pain it caused you and might have other kind of responsibilities as well. Hence when there comes a rejection do not take it personally and understand the burden in which you are rejected and try your best again if need be.

Respect a person who rejected


When we are in pain its quite natural to develop a dislike towards the person who rejected us and might even go to such a level of hurting them back. Its important to understand that when we are rejected in anything, its for our own good and there is no meaning in hating the person who rejected us. Hence accept the reason whatever it might be for your rejection and respect the person for letting you know the truth. The pain is more when someone pretends to have accepting you while all the way might dislike you or your work behind your back.

Review possibilities and try again


There is always a reason for our rejection. When a person or a company or anyone rejects us, the reason could be simply its not something they wanted and were looking for. Review the reasons for which we are rejected, check if those can be corrected, make changes which are needed and approach with different perspective. “Try, try until you are successful

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