Grades are Grades, Not my Intelligence

What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning. Chuck Grassely said it right! I am an average fun loving student. I spoiled my 10+ under pressure because my father wanted to see a B-Tech engineer in his daughter. He was always displeased with my A grade, because he wanted A+. Why was I always under the impression that if I got good grade, I’d be a better person? A bad grade is a mark against the system. Everyone wants a doctor or engineer in their house now. People have made this false perception. No one wants to know whether you are interested in the given subject or not. No one even bothers to listens what a child want to do? No one cares! Thousands of these kind hearts commits suicide each year. Parents now bribe their own children for getting good grades. The stream has to be science or commerce otherwise your child will be considered brainless in the society. In the arrange marriage system even, people have high demands for doctors and engineers. And this profession greed is not limited to arrange marriages; people preferably want their daughters to love a doctor or an engineer.


Have you ever thought how much your child is getting overblown because of this crap? When will society realize that grades do not reflect your intelligence? Now a day’s I have seen parents. They’re after their children’s life for good grades. Wake up people! This is the golden time of a human life please don’t spoil it with useless pressure.

Every child has his own scrutiny. It is not necessary that he will perform excellent academically. He might be interested in sports or music or anything. Parents have become extra caring these days. They adopt every possible way to pressurize their kids for good grades. Don’t forget most strict parents raise the best liars. Do you want your child to become a liar? It’s not your child who is responsible for not getting good grades. It’s you! Parents now don’t have much time to spend with their child and instead they demand excellent grades. When will they realize their child require their time equally as work do.

Stop blaming your child for grades instead blame yourself or blame the system. How can you force a child to solve ten questions when his ability is to solve just five in a given time? Every child has his own level. Everyone is not a ten pointer! A student who is not performing well in class might perform marvelously in badminton court. And at the same the hand the child who is performing excellently in the class might not perform well in court. The point is every child has his own brain and talent. You can’t force a child to speak English fluently when his mother tongue is Spanish.


Talk to your child, know about his interests and you’ll see the result on your own. Stop being selfish! Instead think about your children and their criteria of interest. They spend every day in a hustle between schools and tuition. And I believe this age is the most carefree time of the life.

Why you are after their life and ruining it?

Have you considered the kids that drop out and do become successful? I am sure you know about all the school drop outs like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney. You won’t even talk about grades when you hear these names. The reason behind this they did not find the system appropriate and all of them did something beyond expectations.

Find out the talent hidden in your child and if you cannot do so, stay prepared to see something horrific with his future. You can’t pressurize a child on the cost of your dreams.

If his capacity is to learn ten alphabets a day, give him nine. Because it is very clear, if you will fill the whole jar then definitely the probability of spilling will become too high. Teach him to enjoy his work and not to take it as a burden. This will not only help him in the present but will definitely help him in future.

No company is looking for a person who can simply do “answer the following question in the same way your teacher wants them to be”, but looking for people who are more innovative and productive. Erase it for the rest of your life that if your child doesn’t score good marks he will not be a successful person.

In fact all A+ pointers I have seen till date are shy, antisocial, introvert etc, etc. They spend a whole of their life with books, and what do they learn? Just those limited text.

PARENTS! There is a beautiful world outside textbooks which will definitely make your kid a better person. Let him do whatever he likes. Tell him whatever he chose he will give his best in it. Give them the best of everything.

And at last don’t forget it is actually not essential to get good grades but it is very essential to be a good human being!

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