Backyard must have been one of the favourite play spots for most of us during our childhood. I too enjoyed playing with my friends in my grandpa’s backyard which was utterly pleasing. My grandpa was my best friend. The time spent with him was always memorable. He was not only my grandpa but a teacher too. I have had many fun and memorable time in my backyard with my grandpa but there is one incident which makes the memoirs of others incidents smoky and diminished.


My grandpa’s home is my most favourite place. It has a garden which is the most beautiful part. I have always loved to stay in my backyard’s tranquility. Backyard garden is artistically beautiful, naturally decorated with varieties of plants, flowers, birds and many other inhabitants. My grandpa was a nature loving person that could be easily known by the way he took care of his garden and other inhabitants of the garden. I wondered how my grandpa managed to composite such a spell bounded garden. The garden itself looked like poetry on “paradise on earth”. I always fell in love with the peace and beauty of that place that let me enjoy nature and it made me learn to take care of it so that it can be cherished by our future generation too.

I have grown up learning whatever my grandpa taught me. I have always admired him for his knowledge and wisdom. He loved gardening and always remained busy planting new saplings. He never seemed to be bored with it rather he invited everyone to join him and spend some quality time in the garden. I spent a lot of time helping my grandpa with planting the saplings. He used to buy different varieties of plants. Once I asked him, “why do you like gardening?” He smiled and replied, “It teaches me and my knowledge grows as the saplings grow to become plants.” I confusingly asked,” How?”

He paused a little and then explained me that life journey of a plant continues the same way as that of ours. He explained me about a plant’s life comparing it to that of our own. He further said that it grows and continues till we work hard and nourish it and protect it from diseases and problems, bears flowers and its life also comes to an end at a certain time, the same way as our life continues successfully when we work hard towards it and our life too comes to an end. He told me that everything that has a beginning also has an end to it.

The next day, we went to a nearby market and today he bought a rose sapling. On watching him working so hard on planting and nourishing the rose sapling, I again asked him anxiously, “Why do we need to take so much care of it?” Grandpa said, “Wait till it grows and let the flower bloom.” He told me to observe the sapling till it grows into a plant and wait until the flower blooms. I listened to him and did what he told me to do with the curiosity that I would be learning something new and exciting.

He told me to take care of it till it matures and bears roses. I took proper care of the sapling. Soon, the sapling turned into a plant. I continued nourishing it till it got fully matured, with beautiful leaves and buds. The day when the buds got matured to become beautiful roses, I was speechlessly happy from within as if I had achieved something valuable. I realized myself grow in maturity too with the matured plant. There was an unexplained tranquility within my soul.

That day I got my answer to the question which I asked my grandpa few days back. He was so undoubtedly correct in saying that journey of life of the plant resembles that of ours and fruit of hard work is incredibly sweet. The way I took care of the sapling and nourished it to make it a plant and finally bear flowers had given me immense pleasure that was more than enough to motivate me to work hard in my life and reach my goal. When you work hard towards achieving your goal, you cherish your success more since you take the pain to be persistently determined and focused. Nature can teach you a lot if you are willing to learn from it.

 My grandpa was happy to see my knowledge grow and ended saying, “we need to take care of our life, keep nourishing it so it remains healthy and worthy. Healthy life gives rise to healthy mind.” My grandpa is no more with me but he has left behind his teachings in me. Whatever he taught me will always remain with me like his memories. He loved nature and finally he could inculcate the same love for nature within me. He also said that life each day is a new beginning like sun rises every morning and brings new opportunities. We should leave behind the past and move forward to a new path.

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