Why Grow Up when Staying a Kid is so much Fun?

“You don’t stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun.”


staying a kid

I was walking on the street and saw at one corner a bunch of few kids spinning their tee shirts in air and enjoying a rain shower. Running and dancing, they seemed so happy with their faces gleaming with joy and no shade of worry visible on those faces. That sight gave me an immense joy and in the same instant made me look at the poor plastic folder I had held in my hand over my head trying to escape the pouring rain drops. Why wasn’t I being able to drop that folder and get drenched in rain? Because it would have spoiled my clothes or my eye liner? Or because I didn’t want the 30 people in my class to give me a stare when I enter the classroom fully drenched? Sigh! I miss that clumsy, carefree kid I used to be. Not forgetting to mention I’m still pretty clumsy! But, carefree? I suppose not.

staying a kid carboard boxes

Now after growing up into an adult I wonder at times how simple and stressfree our childhood days were? But more than that how much fun it used to be. Yes we didn’t have permission to go to late night parties back then but even a silly play with cardboard boxes used to be a blast. Moreover the state of being least bothered with any damn person definitely was something else. While now, I see people worrying more about what others will think and feel about them more than what they feel about themselves while doing anything. Are others’ opinions so important that we restrain ourselves from going a little crazy and having some fun?

“Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.” Now having said that, I would like to clear out that I’m not encouraging you people to stay a child all your life and keep running away from responsibilities and growing mature. But what I’m saying is that keeping that child alive inside you and letting him/her come out from time to time, there is no harm in it. Sometimes it’s better to let go of the burden of million worries you are carrying around over your shoulders and be that kid again. Act cheerful and childish, and have fun.

staying a kid at heart 2

A few days ago I was calling up a friend but he hung up saying that he is out playing football and will call me later. I thought he must be in between some important football match with his college friends. But only later when he told me, I got to know that he was out there playing in a neighborhood ground with a bunch of 10 year olds! And gosh I could tell it from his voice that he hasn’t been that cheerful and happy in a very long time. What got him so happy? A play of football? Or the time he spent with the most carefree lot of the world, those 10 years olds who convinced him to be a kid himself and just enjoy!

staying a kid at heart

As a kid we all wanted to grow up so fast and do all the things that we saw our elder cousins or other adults doing- partying, road trips, drinking and what not! But only after growing up we realize that adulthood also comes with a lot of complexities and then we miss our good old childhood days. Yeah, you cannot return to those days but you also don’t have to get over them completely. You can turn into a mature and sensible being while still remaining a child at heart.

Letting out the kid within can totally be such convivial but did you know it is also pretty healthy? Now our Sundays might have turned into movie marathons or sleep till noon and then all night party but earlier how we would get up at 7 to watch our favourite cartoons! And then be ready for our parents to take us out for biking, swimming or any outdoor activity. And am sure you realize that a movie marathon does you no good but biking and swimming does. As a child we were open to trying anything new then it can be dreaming to be an astronaut or a pilot. Now we are less of a fear taker but indulging in our hobbies and even amateur passions, just like a kid, is good for our mental health. It improves our manual coordination and sharpens our focus.

Now, for all the people who tell to act your age or simply to “grow up”, well, it’s another thing to act mature when the situation demands but staying a kid at heart has got nothing to do with it. When you are sitting in a job interview then yes you have got be serious but having grown up in the heart just makes you dull and boring. While staying young will make sure you are one the spunkiest and happiest people around!

So this Sunday, instead of planning a lunch with your colleagues, call up your kindergarten friends and book some tickets for an amusement park. And the next time it rains, ditch your umbrella and raincoats and just get drenched. Run, sing, dance, do whatever you like but enjoy, just like a kid!

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