Friends are those who share our happiness, sadness, stay with us when the whole world turns against us. Every person has at least one friend with whom they would share each and every moment of this life. In the past, there were rules for many of the girls on who should be her friends, who should she talk too etc. But now, the times have changed and girls have as many guy friends as girls as her friends.

However, there are still some people who think against the friendship between a guy and a girl saying that “there can never be just friendship between a girl and a guy” which is absolutely wrong. Girls can have guy friends. And who knows, sometimes guy friends turn out to be cooler and trustworthy compared to girls. Here are the reasons why every girl should have at least one guy friend to rely upon in times of need.

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With guys, it is less drama. Yes, you have heard it right. Most of the times, when girls have to make their point with another girl, it generally leads to an argument. If things go against expectations, those girls will become enemies forever and they start a cold war. But with guys, this situation does not occur. There is less of drama with guys and they make their point directly. Even if the girl is not convinced, they do not lose hope and try to explain it in her way. This way, people can remain friends without hurting each other.

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You get a different perspective and they help you solve problems easily. When it comes to solving some situations, girls think alike and generally give a lending ear to your problems and let you calm down. However, guys would like to fix things. When you tell them about your problems, they not only listen to you but also give you effective advice on how to face it. They encourage you and support you better than your girlfriend.

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Learn about men. Guy friends can be very helpful in letting you know about a guy. If you like someone and do not know whether he is reliable or not, just allow him to meet your guy friend once and then he will tell you whether to select him or not. Being a guy, he would easily understand the nature of another guy and will help you in your relationships. This may seem a really small factor but a wrong decision can change your life forever. Your guy friend is the one who prevents you from taking one.

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They are great helpers. Guys tend to be practical than girls. When you are in need of a helping hand, it is mostly the guys who turn up to help you. When compared to girls, guys provide help more willingly and will follow the rules of friendship by proving the rule “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.


They care for your safety. It is accepted that guys generally have their own vehicles and can travel according to their convenience. But not all girls have vehicles and when you have a guy friend, he makes sure that you reach home safely. If there is some situation and you could not go on your own, he will drop you. There are many girls who do not wish to drop their friend even if their house in the same route. There is no valid reason but they just do not feel like dropping. This is not the same for all the girls but for most of the girls. So your guy friend will be your protective guy too.

Guy friends stick to you when you need them if it makes them look bad. Suppose, you are in such a situation that, though you are right, there is no one to support you and everyone goes the wrong way, he is the one who will stay on your side undoubtedly. Even most of your girlfriends turn against you when you need them. He is your knight in disguise.

They are your honest cheerleaders. When a guy compliments you, he does it because it is true. When you meet your girlfriends they might compliment you about your dress, hair etc. but you never know if they are complimenting you for the sake of complimenting or do they really think that you are worthy of the compliment. Unlike girls, when a guy friend compliments you, it is because he finds you are worthy of what he is complimenting about you. Similarly, if you do something wrong, they do not support you unnecessarily. They tell you that you are wrong and what not to do the next time. Though it seems harsh at that point of time, when you think about it later, it will help you review yourself and improve yourself.


Even in this advanced generation, there are people who think of girls with a lot of guy friends as awful traitors which is not true. Every person has a different personality and then, what difference does it make if your best friend is a girl or guy? Guys like to make guy friends because they are less drama, comfortable to chill out and they not have ego or jealousy (in a competitive world) unlike girls. Girls know what they want, they have their maturity and they can’t be blamed for having guy friends. Respect them for what they are and you will receive the same respect. Trust is all she needs.

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