Happiness-Not a myth anymore


Happiness…What is it? The sweet and sour aftertaste of pickle on a pink tongue? Or the much awaited sight of the shooting star on the indigo background of the firmament? Is it the momentary triumph of jumping over a pothole filled by a heavy downpour? It could also be as beautiful as the path a setting, dying sun traces through the coppery sky. Or could it be related to the ocean waves crashing onto the golden grains of the sandy shore? It might be salty like the teardrops that course down one’s side as one lie on his/her wet pillow. Or it could be as dove-grey as the hair on one’s grandmother’s head that curls in the sun, when she utters -” Once upon a time….”Yes! Happiness, indeed  is indefinable and at times indecipherable also. Since an a eon, humans have tried to decipher it’s true meaning  but his efforts have been futile as the wings of happiness never wore any shackles. With the passage of time, it became ambiguously immortal and has waft across people’s heart and reigned in people’s soul.


Though in today’s global world where humankind is capable of performing numerous amazing yet perilous feats, Happiness has become restricted to limited spheres. Long gone are those day’s when the little things in life counted the most and offered unconditional pleasure. Man’s destructive self gives him happiness in indulging in grossest hypocrisy like war which he justifies for the sake of peace. Despite solely possessing the intelligence to conserve and protect the environment man fetches happiness on destroying it. It is difficult to explain man’s obsession with destruction and truly the sordid boon of modern civilization has created hollow men filled with straw. Happiness now implies to a situation when some Laden celebrates the massacre of thousands of innocent lives or when some maniac fanatically pursue the mirage of personnel profit. Where some mother tortures her poor child to be a topper in the class so that she can boast about her child’s success in the locality and when a group of rumbustious students insults all the values and morals underlying the sacredness of education. Money has given way to lust, greed, envy which has changed the entire essence of happiness. Oh! yes,one may have a plum job, a luxurious home, so called affluent friends, yet one may feel abysmally empty inside. Deep down his heart their might not be a single crumb of pristine happiness. One’s doppelganger stares him in the face with a grotesque laughter thereby provoking some existence in his hopeless life which is rather in a state of incantation enveloped by the air of zilch. From the foot of despair one looks up at the zenith of happiness-forever simple and untangled. Yet he hesitates to climb the ladder of pure contentment as he fears to get mocked at or ridiculed by his mates and being labeled a cynic and being labeled a cynic and being labeled a cynic. Thus, in a state similar to that of somnambulism one sulks in the corner and lead a life of obscurity. It would however be a defeatist attitude if such a state is allowed to hold its sway. Doesn’t the real art of living lie in the ability to find meaning and completion in the ordinary things of life? So one must dig in one’s heels to such circumstances and try to rise from the unfathomable depths of despondency. In Oscar Wilde’s words –“ We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”. Hence, the darkness which surrounds one’s life today will surely give away to ecstasy and aspiration if one keeps an eye on the stars. As long as we live, our path will be replete with numerous draconian challenges. There is however two distinct ways of dealing with obstacles in life. One is to look upon them has hurdles which can never be overcome and hence blame one’s fate and the latter way is to treat these as opportunities to learn and prove our mettle. To fall while confronting any of such challenges is not shameful or not necessarily a fiasco. What is shameful is not being able to recover from the fall which would be a terrible insult to the divine gift of intelligence bestowed upon humankind. Rising against all odds with dignity rather imparts a subtle yet significant advice of never surrendering to the vicissitudes in overcoming the vertiginous climb of life. A must remembrance of where one rose from as one wrong step in this glossy world can lead to a fall into the depth of the ebony crevasse.

Also, another significant facet is one’s quality of thoughts. Gautama Buddha exclaimed“ Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think..”

The entire world is driven by thoughts. A man with positive thoughts and perception will be in a state of inner peace and contentment striving to be good and do good to others. Therein lies the triumph  and pride of the self.

Isn’t it time one walks back to those golden times? Where happiness and serenity would have a more profound and aesthetic meaning and there will be a more meaningful existence waiting to welcome us. One would feel fortunate on the sight of the silver moon coming up and two distant trees in perfect silhouette, would get no better form of rejuvenation when a tree bowed down by the heavy rain flings pellets of water on one’s face, where one would learn to recognize birds from their scherzos and thus find song in one’s souls. Contentment would lie in extending a helping hand to those in a state of privation and bringing a smile to their faces. True happiness is far beyond the vested interests of an egomaniac and the consumerists principles of owning and possessing-it is the  consciousness of defining every moment of one’s life with love, gratitude and grace and the spiritual enlightenment of the soul into a powerful, pure being.

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