Happiness is treating your Body like a Temple

I find it ridiculous that people have been putting comfort ahead of their health. Luxury cars, elevators, electrical gadgets that enable us to stay in touch with our loved ones and saving us the pain of actually driving over to their place and having a nice time. Gone are the old days and times which our parents tell us about whenever they see us glued to our television sets and laptops and serving Lord Internet. It pains my heart to think that because of the technological advancement that is dominating our lives, it will be extremely difficult for me to give my kids the place and conditions so that they too can actually enjoy spending quality time with their friends.

Nevertheless, no matter how sad I am due to this predicament, I will not allow it to make me stray away from my reasons behind writing this article.
body is a temple
Do we ever use the time that we save by using all these luxuries and comforts that technology has provided us with to ever wonder the cost of exploiting them?

No, we do not. Why? I’ll tell you why. We are saving time but obviously not saving enough of it.

Moreover, it is not just about the increased dependency on technology that bothers me but it is the pseudo pleasures that we find in things like tobacco and alcohol. There are various reasons because of which people see tobacco smoking and/or alcohol consumption as acceptable habits in order to have that ‘feel-good-factor’. In my honest opinion, and you may call me conservative or narrow-minded, I feel that people should stay away from intoxicating substances. There are a lot of religious texts that advise the same but I think it is better not to cite them as examples and instead give scientific proof to support my stand.

For starters, it has been found that the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis is doubled in smokers. Smoking can also increase the risk of Crohn’s disease among other autoimmune diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that affects the joints and it is not the only disease that primarily deteriorates the health of the skeletal system. Research has proven that smoking can be one of the causes behind osteoporosis which reduces the density of the bones and make them fragile and making them prone to fracture. Furthermore, a person who used to smoke will continue to be at a high risk of suffering from osteoporosis for several years before reducing it. It clearly is a strong reason to not take up smoking in the first place.
no smoking
Cardiovascular problems also feature in the list of ill effects of smoking and since they prey on a vast number of people around the globe, I cannot afford to skip mentioning them. The toxic chemicals which are a part of tobacco’s composition have the power to harm the blood cells and put the heart at a greater risk of suffering from fatal conditions. Atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease (CHD), peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and strokes are few of the cardiovascular problems that can be a result of smoking. Tobacco smoke is carcinogenic and interestingly, passive smokers stand a greater risk of developing cancer.
no alcohol
That’s enough to underline the harms of smoking. I would like to discuss the reasons why alcohol consumption is a bad idea for anyone who does not want to make his body an abode for diseases. Alcohol has been proved to meddle with the communication pathways of brain thus causing mood swings, weird behaviour, rational thinking and motor coordination. High blood pressure, cardiomyopathy (stretching of the cardiac muscles), arrhythmias and strokes can be the outcome of regular alcohol consumption. Apart from affecting the nervous system and the cardiovascular system, alcohol can also lead to liver damage, pancreatitis, malignant tumours in the digestive system and breasts too in cases of women who are alcoholics. Scientific data has also indicated that the immune system also weakens in people who consume alcohol on a regular basis thus making the body an easy target for infections.
Smoking tobacco and alcohol consumption are the two most common ways that people pollute their body and distress its sanctity. In fact, all actions that have a negative effect on the human body should be avoided if the reasons behind them are not grave enough. Common instances are using the elevator or escalator instead of the stairway, choosing to drive instead of walking, watching the television instead of going out for an evening walk and other such situations where you choose a more feasible option to save yourself of the physical exercise that has become a physical punishment instead of a healthy habit. Pleasuring our taste buds seems to have become the new trend and cases of obesity have skyrocketed. With a lifestyle that is constantly filled with stress, people have been ignoring the importance of staying fit and healthy. Only in a healthy body do a healthy mind and a healthy heart reside. I am not pointing out the positive effects of controlling what goes into our body on the nervous and the cardiovascular systems. I have already given enough scientific data to do that. What I am trying to tell the readers is that healthy eating habits are essential in order to enjoy complete psychological and emotional well being. Our bodies are gifts to us and in no way do we have the right to pollute it.

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