Harness Your Moods to A Better Today

It happens many a times with many a people that during the entire course of a day, you tend to experience a number of moods which are temporary states of mind or temper. The moods can be seen as being a kind of temperature gauge which seem to change from a cold hearted situation to an extremely hot tempered one. The moods just depend upon the situations and the various happenings in the world. When you are in a particular happy mood then it affects your brains and behaviors in an appealing manner and if you are in a bad situation then the effects are adverse and opposite to that when you were in a positive mood. So it is very important and immensely essential to keep track of how you tend to feel. Your mood shows through your expressions and the various gestures that you show. It all thus, has an effect on you as well as others who are around you.


Moods change up the perceptions of the ones around who tend to think of your welfare and happiness. You need to take care while your mood changes that it in no way hurts the ones near you. If you are aware that you are not in your best frame of mind, then you know through intuition or instinct that it isn’t a day worth your money. It isn’t as per your mood and you need to work upon it so as to change the day into a happening and prosperous one.

Washington Irving states that- ‘There is a certain relief in change, even though it be from bad to worse…it is often a comfort to shift one’s position and be bruised in a new place’. The changes happening inside of you either because of external factors or because of your own thoughts are what constitute out to be called as ‘Moods’. Harnessing your moods is one of the most essential requirements in the path towards a stronger self-awareness. It is only through harnessing and refining the awareness of your mood and also that of others around you that you can know, observe and calculate about the things that tend to trigger a change in mood inside of you for both good or bad. With the growing awareness of your moods, you would be in a better position and in a better state of mind to think about the colors and hues of the various emotions and feelings that are present. These are the feelings that are underlying and hidden inside the deepest core of your heart. The moods are the parameters which help in detecting the changes in you and also in those that are around you.

There are certain measures that you need to take on which would be a great benefactor in improving your natural mood. Once in a week try to note down the moods in which you were during morning, afternoon, evening and night. Pay attention on the variety of emotions that you are feeling and describe them and how it affects you. At one time you might describe your mood as being sad, lonely, and nervous and in another you might be happy, cheerful, and joyous and fulfilled. Note down all these changes and pay attention to all these subtle changes inside of you. Take lieu of the triggers that actually made your mood to get change. In this way you would get the idea about the things you need to avoid so as to safely set oneself in the positive side rather than on the negative front of life.

The state of mind that you are in is very important and it is more than just your mood. The state of mind is all about being rather than about changing. Harnessing your moods is one of the basic steps that help to keep your state of mind into a stable one. To find the natural state that you are in helps you to determine the normal way of being yourself and the day to day basis of working and living. You are someone who has immense potential and energy inside of you. You are not someone who is laid back about life but someone who needs to know the purpose of your life and race towards your goal that would surely transform your life into a better one. You need to be in the mood to work into the positive trance of life and take your chances in a way so as to become a successful entity and show the world that you are capable of completing impossible feats.

It is not all about having a strong sense of excitement, anxiety or guilt and nor is it experiencing the various feelings and emotions hidden inside of you. Harnessing your moods is all about self-control and having a practical conscious state of mind that works in a better state and tends to take positive and beneficial decisions of life so as to make you turn into a modest, honest and successful person. With proper self-control you not only would be turned into an honest human being but you would also become someone who uncovers the powers within you and work towards building a bright future and fulfill all your dreams.

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