We all know that exercise is very important to keep us fit. It reduces the risk of chronic disease and it also maintains our weight and helps us to remain healthy. Through exercises we are able to sleep better. It keeps us active with full of energy. But normally we all do exercises for health, height, weight, blood circulation, blood pressure etc. We don’t exercise for our brains which plays a vital role in our day to day life. Brain works for 24 hours daily whether we are sleeping or not. Like water and oxygen is a need for the plant growth, in that way only brain exercise is also important for the growth of brain and it helps brain to remain active. Brain is not different from any others muscles. Like others muscles are the part of our body, brain is also a part of our body. Without brain a person will be like a non- living thing which cannot do any work, and also doesn’t have any emotions and feelings. To fulfill our basic needs of our life we utilize our brain continuously.


We do exercise for muscles to stimulate our muscles cells. In order to stimulate the brain cells and boost the memory and growth of brain we need to do brain exercises. Brain consists of thousands of neuron. These neurons form a network to which we call it a neural network. Neural network is responsible for transmission of information. Brain exercises increases these connection in brains. It boosts our memory. To have a strong memory, we should have a better health. Memory is linked to vitality of brain and to our health. In every field, whether we are a employee, chief, teacher or student, we utilize our brain and these fields generally require a sharp memory. To keep the memory sharp it’s important to do some useful exercises for our brain in order to boost our memory. There are a lot of things you can do in order to improve your brain memory. Multiple fronts existing in the brain are affected by doing brain exercise. Brain exercises increases the heart beat and it pumps lots of oxygen into brain which is very important for brain to remain active. It increases the release of hormone which provides a nourishing environment to the brain for the growth of brain cells. Brain exercise stimulates the growth of large number of neural connections in your brain and it acts as a growth factor for your brain. It increases the growth factor in your brain which in turn increases the formation of new neuronal connection in your brain.


We all are so busy in our life that we continuously do some or the other kind of work. Some work requires the involvement of our brain very much and some require less involvement of our brain. But then to our brain works continuously. When we do lots of work continuously we get tired. Similarly our brain also gets tired. It requires rest and exercise to remain active. Brain is the organ inside our head that controls our body’s activities and enables us to think and to feel thinks such as heat and pain. It is your mind and it helps you to think in a particular way. If someone has a brain or a good brain, they have the ability to learn and understand things quickly, to solve problems, and to make good decisions. If you really want to increase your power of your brain or brain power then you will have to do some brain exercises. Brain power is intelligence or the ability to think. To enhance your brain power and become like a brainy who is clever and good at learning, adopt some useful and valuable brain exercise in your daily life. The most important part of our brain is memory. We all have a habit of listening to music or our favorite songs. We usually hear songs which we are familiar with and the songs which we like and understand most. In order to increase your memory, hear songs to which you are not familiar with, and try to memorize the lyrics of the songs, it will improve your memory skills and will help to build your brain by increasing the level of hormone in your brain that is acetylcholine. Second exercise you can do is tried to dress up nicely or take a shower or bath in dark room or darkness. Another exercise you can do is tried to brush your teeth cleanly with your opposite hand.


Another important part of your brain is attention. Attention plays a significant role in our daily activities. It helps us to focus in a particular way despite of several distraction and noises. It helps us to complete our task by providing 100% effort to it. So in order to develop and enhance your attention, change your habit, schedules and routines. Go to your work from different path or try to concentrate on a single thing in presence of multiple things. Try to do mathematical calculation in your mind only when lots of noise is there around you. These all will force your brain to pay attention more on the task. Usually what happen when we do the same task daily in the same way, our get habitual of it and when we change our way of doing that task, it forces our brain to pay more attention to it. Language activities will enhance our brain power, recognizing ability, remembering power, understanding power and also drills and carries out our vocabulary, eloquence and linguistic skills. In this world, in order to survive successfully we should have a good visualization power. In order to increase your visual powers try to remember all the things around you and their locations. After sometimes try to memorize it and write down on a paper. Like this you can do it for some other things it will enhance your memory as well as your visualization power. There are many brain games exercises which you can find it online. Try it; it will be very helpful for you. So this is all about brain exercise , adopt it and make yourself better to lead a good life ahead.

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