Can you be happy for hundred days in a row?
Seems unlikely, isn’t it?
But there are thousands of people who believe that it is actually possible!

The Happiness Challenge that started off with a 27 year old , a one Mr.Dmitry Golubnichy from Switzerland, who believed in little things that brought joy, challenges you to post one thing everyday that makes you happy. It then went viral on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram and now has masses of people following the trend who post a picture or write a status about one thing that brings them happiness everyday, for hundred days straight.


There are a lot of people who cut it off calling it a waste of time or ‘in the moment’ thing, and another lot are doing it just because it is an ‘in the moment’ thing. But there’s something exceptionally beautiful about this whole challenge. It lets you see all the little things that make you happy everyday and appreciate their importance in your life. Little things, which you would otherwise not take notice of because you have been too busy with your mundane lives. Little things, that don’t seem to be that prominent enough but are nevertheless there. Little things, that give you all the reasons to be happy. The Little things that you normally fail to see.

I have a lot of my friends trying out the Happiness Challenge too. Its funny how they are constantly looking out for something, anything, that even manages to bring a small smile upon their face and the next thing I see is it’s picture being uploaded accompanied by a super cheery status (Oh, and not to forget that hashtag!). You know, things like, their pet animal nuzzling up to them first thing in the morning, a beautiful view of the setting sun from their window, sitting in a freshly mowed lawn with the whole family in the evening, reading a great book served with a cup of hot coffee, new shoes, new clothes (actually, anything new!), friendly quarrel with a younger sibling, conversation with grandmoms and the notorious Ellen DeGeneres type selfies . No, the list doesn’t end here, only my thinking capacity does!

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Truth be told, infact just seeing one of these posts makes me feel tiny bit happier too. It is like a positive booster that fills you with optimism. I like it that this whole ‘happiness’ thing actually works, ’cause my friends, while in search of happiness, actually forget about the things that are worrying them since they are only focusing on the nice things of the day. They eventually find the happy sources which is the whole frigging point


Then there’s Facebook too. You know how it works! With the huge network of friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends we have, a lot of whom think of it as an occupation to like, comment or share every time you put up a status or upload a picture, it gives you that recognition and makes all of them aware of what you are up to. That’s a pro too, seeing that a lot of people also find happiness in seeing the number of likes for their statuses shoot up, or reading amazing comments on their pictures (Don’t lie! I know you do too). But there is a con that comes along. Since you’ve made known to your Facebook territory about your challenge, you know there is no looking back now. You’ve got to make it to that hundred day mark by any means!


I hope this trend doesn’t die any sooner because this is one of the very few worthwhile things amidst a plethora of nonsensical procrastinators that go along with social networking sites. Infact it doesn’t necessarily have to end at the hundred day mark. Come to think of it, if you went on for as long you felt like, you could look back and see that you’ve actually made yourself a virtual diary of sorts, with a memory of each day plus all those comments and likes, it would instantly remind you of your state and state of mind back then, like you would figuratively be time travelling! Now isn’t that amazing? Sure, it is!

This whole Happiness Challenge made me realize one important thing in life. That happiness is a choice. We can truly be happy if we wanted to, if we tried. But more often than not, we think of ‘happiness’ as an elusive destination or some kind of a prize that we are not entitled to. We spend our lives chasing after it failing to realize that it’s been standing right in front of us, staring us in the eye, while we chose to play blind.

Fortunately, things like this challenge  come along once in a while as eye-openers. Because there are thousands of people who not just believed but went on to achieve it. With cute little dogs, happy family faces, amazing art, pretty little things, nature, food, great music and everything beautiful under the sky, who wouldn’t be happy?  Writing this article reminded me a lot more of those little things that added to my happiness today! Infact, had I taken the challenge, writing this would make it to the list too , for making me realize and appreciate the little yet significant happy moments of life.

Looks like we all too should give it a try (incase you haven’t already, that is) ’cause we all deserve to be happy too.

Well, I’m up for it!
Are you?

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