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Home, sweet home. Your home is the one place in the whole world where you can relax, stay safe and enjoy happy moments with your family. A home is not just an architectural structure, made of wood, bricks, cement and all the other materials that go into making a home.

It is way more than that. It is a place where you and the people you love the most live. A place where memories are made, where your kids grow up and where you can find love and relaxation after a tough day at work. If you want, your home can revitalise your mind, body and soul and inject positive energy into you thus preparing you for the challenges that life has in store for you.

The reason why I made it a point to start the sentence with ‘if you want’ is because your home is only as beautiful and sweet as you make it.
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There’s Feng shui which is an ancient Chinese method aiming to create a harmony between the house, its inmates and the surrounding environment. Then there’s Vastu shastra which explains and then incorporates the relation between the laws of nature and structures used for human dwelling. Apart from Feng shui and Vastu shastra, there are various other traditional practices used for the purification and maintaining the flow of positivity in homes. I would prefer not to focus on their origination or methods and instead use this opportunity to enlighten the readers to certain tips using which they can choose their furnishings and then decorate their home in order to completely fulfil the aim of living in a home- staying happy, content and relaxed.
For the lovers of ‘Friends’, one of the best sitcoms ever made in the history of mankind, Monica Geller’s (played by Courteney Cox) obsession with cleaning and keeping things organized is the first thing that pops into the mind on the mere mention of her name. She liked to keep the house clean and tidy and her hobbies included organizing stuff and lists. She did take it a bit too far and that was the fun part but in real life, we are not looking to make a joke of ourselves. So we can surely learn from Monica that having a clean and organized place to live is a beautiful thing but making it your obsession is sure to make you the butt of the jokes amongst your friends.
beautiful home
The necessary element to have a clean home is to have a spacious home and by spacious home I do not mean that your home should be huge. The size of the room does not matter as much as the content inside it. The furniture and pieces of art should be bought and arranged keeping in mind the size of the room. The room should not appear cluttered or stuffed. There should be enough space to move around and unwanted objects such as old furniture should be discarded. Things that don’t fit in should be seen as an indication of stagnant negative energy.
There are few things more beautiful than the sunlight beaming in through the windows into your house. The golden natural light is an amazing mood uplifter thus making it inevitable if you are looking for a positive environment in your home. It is advisable that you keep the blinds open whenever possible. Living in a dark place is depressing and feelings of gloom, loneliness, anxiety and negativity creep into our minds. There are rooms in the house where sunlight does not enter much because of its position so you can choose LED lights for such rooms and other light bulbs which emit full spectrum light.
Have you ever wondered why talking a walk in places that are abundant with the beauty that nature has to offer makes us feel energetic and happy? The magnificence of nature does play a part but the fresh air does too. Almost everybody has an air conditioning and/or heating systems installed in their homes. Constant cleaning and maintenance of the air filters inside them is a must. It is a nice idea to install an air purifier inside your house and it would be better if you keep green indoor plants. Use aromatherapy or add some incense such as citrus scents and light floral.
The kind of energy inside your home is greatly influenced by the different kinds of colours used. Black is an elegant colour but too much of black can be risky because it tends to accumulate negativity. The colour white is a wise choice. White signifies peace and tranquillity. Moreover white has a calming effect and thus helps relieve stress and anger. Apart from black and white there are more choices of colours from which benefitting energy emanates. Red is good for your love, yellow signifies joy while orange indicates enthusiasm and warmth. Green is nice for healing and growth, blue like white has a calming influence and purple is great for inspiration. However, it must be noted that there should be a proper balance between colours because too much of any colour is not good.
I hope the information will help you decorate your home better and fill your life with success, joy, exuberance and positivity. You will be able to sleep better, work better, enjoy more and the bond with your wife and children will strengthen. After all, building a house is the easy part while making a home of it is the tricky part and the wonderful time you spend in it because of the uninterrupted stream of vibrant energy will surely make it a better home to live in.

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