From the heart of a Girl’s School

6 hours in the school and what you see all around is GIRLS. Girls in the classroom, girls in the washroom, girls in the bus, girls are everywhere. Even 90% of the faculty is female! Your entire contact list is full of girls. Your best friends, your enemies, all are girls. The name of the school is also Presentation Convent Girls School. You talk to anyone in the city about the school and they are like, oh, your are talking about that girls school? Everyone is sure that after 12 years you will turn into a lesbian. You are mocked at when you walk hand in hand with your best friend. There comes a time when you become so depressed that you accept it with a shattered heart that you would never get a boy in your life. You are so accustomed to seeing girls that your dreams are also filled up with girls. You even tend to curse your parents for putting you in a girls school. There are no males in your school life except your sports teachers and laborers. Sad life, right?

must be a lesbian

No. Most of the people have such kind of views about ‘poor’ girls who are made to study in a all girls school. They think that the lives of such girls are just useless. They are very unlucky because they cannot enjoy their teenage days fully. Because they have no boys in their school, they are very desperate. So if you want to have a ‘use and throw’ type of a girlfriend, looking for people in the all girls school is the best idea. One boy will tell to the other boy, “you know what? That girl from convent is really hot man! I think she is interested in me”. Though nothing of such sort actually used to happen, but such rumors about my schoolmates were always in the air. But that never ever degraded the stature of my school which was regarded as the best in the city. The young lot always used to feel that all convent girls are lesbians and are very ill mannered. Because it is an all girls school, these are are actually not aware about the harsh realities of life and thus can’t adjust in a scenario where there are boys as well. But we proved it all wrong! On a personal front I believe that everything that goes around as the ‘demerits of studying in an all girls school’ is all crap. For all the girls out there,if you really want to have the best fun in life, go and study in an all girls school. I know you would be mocked for it and you yourself would be a little hesitant, but once you take admission and you come out of the school after 12 years, you will be proud of your decision. The experience is just heavenly! All the true knowledge I have ever learned, true fun I have ever had and the true morals I have ever gained in life, I owe it to my school. Not just because it was a good school but also because it was exclusively a ‘girls school’. The only word that I can presently think of about my life in my school is AWESOME.

girls gossiping

The life is so exciting in a girls school. As a crazy person, I used to roam around the entire school with my friends and do mischievous stuff. Without any concern about who would think what, I used to lie down anywhere and everywhere, be it the ground, the desk or the auditorium. With no idea about how shabby are uniform was looking, we used to sit down anywhere and in any pose. This is called real freedom. Obviously you can’t do such a thing in a co-ed school as you always need to be cautious about behaving ‘properly’ and ‘decently’ among boys. Yes I agree that life in a co-ed school is also fun but not as good as life in an all girls school. We don’t have boys around us yet we have them! All the time we used to keep talking about boys, sharing ‘non-veg’ jokes and making fun of boys. Every time a friend had a breakup, we had one single slogan ‘ all boys are dogs’. Obviously all this could haven’t be said before boys in a co-ed school. People say that boys maintain true friendship, but  all female best friends and believe me, they are better than boys. The joy of he proposing, the blush blush on my face when every body around used to tease me with his name, the long never ending chats with friends about how I will get married and live a sweet simple life, the minute after minute calls to my best friend about whats the current status of my relationship, the joy of all this is inexplicable. It is something that every girl in a  girls school can link herself to. It is something you can only experience in a girls school. So it is not that we missed out at boys, we always had boys around us, either in tutions or outside the school waiting of the bell to ring and see the pretty ladies coming out. And come on, it is always about boys. There is a whole big life beyond that also. You get the freedom to dress in any way you want to, you get to know the difference between style and fashion, you realize that you have a identity of your own, you realize that you are proud to be a girl.


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