Was The Heart Made to Be Broken?

Relationships play a very vital role in our life. As we go through life, we meet different kind of people and build relationship with them. We develop a very special feeling for someone who makes us realize what love is. Love teaches us to nurture and develop a relationship which lasts forever. Two people come together to share their love with one another.

The important thing required for a relationship is trust and understanding which is the basic foundation of every relationship .But sometimes relationships take a wrong turn and come to a dead end. Long term commitments just end up due to some stupid reasons and due to this foolish decision someone is left alone to suffer and cry, who keeps regretting for not being able to understand the partner .It becomes very difficult for the person to overcome from the grief and start a new beginning. A failed relationship can bring stress and unhappiness in your life.


1. Lack of communication


Communication plays a very major role in maintaining a healthy relationship. If there is no proper communication between the two people then how would one know what the problem is. There can be many reasons such as stress, grief, depression or trauma due to which the person is unable to express his or her feelings which widens the gap among them. It is very essential to overcome from these circumstances and solve the problem with full dedication and patience. This is the only way that each person’s problem can come to light.  So it is very important to keep the lines of communication open, even when things are difficult to handle. It feels very sad when two people just end their relationship because they failed to talk about what was disturbing them. It is a key which can unlock many arduous problems.

2. Floating expectations


Each of us enter into a relationship with some expectations from each other and these expectations and desires rise with time. Holding on to unrealistic expectations can cause a relationship to be unsatisfying. The person you are with should be treated like an individual. Your expectations should never be imposed on your partner as the outcome would never be satisfying. It just put people under pressure and creates a wrong impression on your partner. It makes them conscious and they are no longer free to express themselves. But sometimes these things happen unintentionally. We just search for those things in our partner, which we lack ourselves and we try to enforce our life on someone else. As we are in a relationship, we must be prepared to respect each other’s imperfections and faults. No one is perfect in this world, so everyone should be given a chance to work on his weak points.

3. Lack of time


Relationships end up due to lack of time spent together. Today in this competitive world it is becoming very difficult to spend time with your loved ones. People are just running behind success and fame which destroys the whole relationship. Spending time with your spouse is very important to keep your relationship going .Each and every moment that you spend with your life partner is very special and it matters a lot to make your bond strong. In a relationship you have to show your love, affection and care to your partner so that your bond grows stronger with time.

Giving some quality time brings joy at your partner’s face and that smile on the face is the most valuable thing in your life. Small surprises create a big difference in a relationship so always be ready with some innovative ideas and surprises. No matter how occupied you are, you should always take out some time to put that spark back in your diminishing flame. The time which you spend together is cherished in your whole journey. So don’t let your true love fade away with time.

4. No compromises


Compromise is an important part of a relationship. Both people in a relationship must be able to realise the necessity of compromise and sacrifice in a relationship. If you are unable to cope up or adjust with your partner then it becomes very difficult to sustain that relationship. At each and every stage you have to make some compromises to build a healthy bond. True love is all about sacrifices and compromises. No two people can feel exactly the same every time, so there will be individual differences among them. These differences should be sorted out with time otherwise it makes your relationship a disaster. Compromise teaches you a lot about yourself and helps you grow as an individual in your life. It teaches you to respect your partner and his views. Always try to make big decisions together to avoid any confusion. Both people should know how to compromise in a relationship.

5. No trust


Trust plays a very crucial role in a relationship. Without trust no relationship can survive. When you trust your partner, there is a freedom to share your heart and soul with your soulmate. It is very essential to be open and honest so that it keeps the relationship from falling apart. Sowing the seeds of dishonesty will only lead to breakups. Trust brings that confidence in you that allow you to share your feelings, memories and emotions with someone else. It is a foundation of a relationship. Trust shows how much you are in love with your partner.

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