He’s A Little Beyond Perfect

“He’s perfect. Just perfect.”
I smiled as I watched him walk towards me, with that cute little smirk on his face, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes, swinging his arms around without a care for the world around him. I felt that familiar rush going through my body as he bent down to hug me, as I smelt that familiar scent of his rubbing off on me, his beard stroking my cheek as he pulled away with that loud, happy laugh of his as he shouted what’s up, even though I was standing right next to him.
His stupidities, his jokes, the way he walks, talks or even the way he stands for that matter, pulling me close to him as he rests his arm on me, give me that warm feeling of pure contentment as I feel that satisfaction of having that perfect someone in my life; having him in my life; sigh, I could stay like this forever.

We all have that perfect someone in our life. We all dream of getting that perfect someone one day, knowing that having him or her with you would be the best thing you could ever ask for. Even if you deny it, you know that deep down inside, you have this idea, that description of your perfect someone, and you are just waiting for him or her to come and illuminate every aspect of your life.
That’s what happened to me. I found that perfect someone.
You may think such people don’t exist for you. You may feel that since you haven’t found that person till now, you won’t find him or her at all. But you know you will. I waited; and I’m glad I did. The very sight of him lifts my spirits up like no one else. That feeling of being yourself completely and someone accepting you for the way you are, it can never be replaced. You feel that perfection in you getting personified as he or she becomes such an integral part of you, that you realize you are complete because of his or her presence in your life.
I felt that unique tingling in my body as he looked at me and smiled, his eyes crinkling at the corners as his beard shone in the bright sunlight. I never realized how he became so important, so special. One minute we were just friends and the next thing I knew, we were in that phase where we just couldn’t take our eyes off each other. The best part about having someone like him, you never lose out on the friendship you had earlier. All feelings aside, you know that bonding you shared earlier, that still remains and has in fact gotten stronger with each passing day.
I know what you must be thinking. It must be the initial stage, everyone thinks they’ve found the perfect someone, right? But what if I tell you that the feelings I had in the initial stage have not remained the same but have grown stronger over the months. That the special place he has in my heart, it’s still there. The spark between us, is still there and we know for a fact, it’s not going to leave at all. We laugh, we joke, we pull each other’s legs like insane people, and we fall in love all over again. Isn’t that what being perfect is all about? Having that insanity grow on you, grow with you and be with you throughout knowing that it won’t leave you, he won’t leave you, ever.

It sounds a bit like a fairytale. Maybe it is a fairytale for some. Maybe I am getting carried away thinking so much about this, feeling so much. But then again, maybe I am not. Now isn’t it worth that risk? Isn’t it worth finding out whether he or she are really “the one”? Wouldn’t you want to give him or her that chance that you know deep inside you, they deserve?
I gave him that chance because I could feel it down to my core that something felt right about him. I felt right to be with him. I knew that it would work out if I said yes, but it did more than just work out; he turned out to be my person. The person I knew I could turn to no matter what; the person I can trust my life with; the person I can love and be crazy with; as a part of myself.
I’m pretty sure you must be thinking of that person who holds the same meaning for you in your life, or someone who could hold that place for you in your heart. He holds that place in my heart that no one can replace.
He loves to eat, spoil my hair, tickle me till my tears come out, hug me till I can’t breathe, and he loves me for who I am. What more can I possibly ask for? He’s the person I can be with, because I know I just can. He is who he is, and I love that about him. He is honest, he cares and he can get you on that happy high with that daring attitude of his, which you can’t help but love. I am in awe of him sometimes, for the personality he carries. The way he portrays himself, the attitude he has towards life.
I love him for being who he is; the same way you love that special someone in your life. The simplest and smallest things he does beats the materialistic aspect of this bond any day. We are together, as one. I wouldn’t want to tag this bond with another clichéd term, but we are together as one. That’s all I can say. I love him, just because I do.


I wrote this today because I felt that sudden surge of love gushing out of me as I came back to my room after spending the last hour with him. We did nothing special, just a walk. But then again, it’s moments like these that make that one hour, one of the best hours of your life. He’s made so many hours just simply perfect. I have no other words to say other than that. I write this as my love for him, as a surprise for him, because he doesn’t expect this from me at all. I think he’ll love it, don’t you?

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