Hey Woman, Stay Girl!

Remember that catch phrase, which had become famous all over India that was played in one of the television advertisements. “Hey! Women stay girl” carried so much meaning in it and still does.

In those days most of us did not understand what the sentence meant. Being a child myself, although the advertisement clearly showed. But today being a woman, the thought never leaves my mind and I understand it better.

A woman is born with a lot of responsibilities and she is been taught of many things at an early age when many times she is just a child. Especially in countries like India, girls are expected to stay back home in their free time and learn the household chores along with their mothers either by helping or by doing it as however the young girls can do it, while boys are sent out to buy things and play. Though the ages are same, girls learn responsibilities, caring and nurturing in a natural way at a very young age but that do not mean that they are all grown ups. Those young minds will always have a child behind and while they learn the chores they also desire to do other child like activities. Although the times have changed considerably and many women have changed, yet the mentality of majority of people remains same. A man works hard and comes home back tired is expected to just lie down and rest while a woman comes home back after a tiresome day at work is expected to tend to kids, cook, manage household chores etc. I do not deny the fact most men have changed these days and help their women but that’s because women are getting bolder to fight for their rights and voice up that they too are tired.

When I say hey woman, stay girl do not mean one need to be childish because it does not seem wise, but woman need to bring the inner child in them to focus on their happiness.

Woman has a lot of transformation in her life playing different roles from being born as a girl child, to being daughter, sister, adolescent, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, mother-in-law etc. Thorough out this entire journey of a woman’s life, its a lot of hurdles and spikes. Yes! Life is a challenge and we woman need to take it as lively as it is and try to live up to it fully enjoying the life given to us.

Stay girl means here, as we get older do not drown yourself in responsibilities and forget who you really are and what makes you happy. Do not feel shy that being a child once again would make people laugh at you. Believe me, open your mind and see, how people opens up to you.

There are a lot of other benefits when we bring that child in us out, such as:

Children around you are happy


Well, I do not have to describe the faces of a child when they realize that an adult who they admire and respect is all set to play with them, their favorite game isn’t it? We just love those screams and that noise while we play along with some children. I know, it can be tiresome too sometimes, but we just cannot imagine life without noisy and playful children around us can we? They are the source who keeps us going. So next time a child wants to play with you, bring that child within you and say yes without giving way for thoughts like what people around may think? If you are shy, people act shy with you, and when you are open and enjoy what you do, people just laugh with you but not at you. This simple act makes you more friendlier to all around you and also makes children trust you more.

Keeps you healthy and peaceful


In the day to day life, most of us become so busy with our routines that we even forget those simple things which we need and which makes us feel happy and content. We all have heard about “Me Time” and its the most important thing in woman’s life. While life gets busier every minute, its also as important to carve out some little me time for yourself and do things which can simply make you happy and relax. Call out your dear old friends, make time to meet them, and just go out there and enjoy. Be a free girl once again, and have fun. What is life without a little fun with your sisterhood group. A peaceful mind will always keeps you healthy and cheerful.

Keeps your men glued to you


No woman wants that their men feel bored of them isn’t it? Yes, you have to be yourself, if your man really loves you else he do not deserve you, but a little work from our-side as well to keep a relationship more lively do not hurt. Some one said it right as “All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt”. Most men love their women to be free in nature and who makes everyone happy. Being lively and cheerful is what it helps sometimes in a relationship and age do not matter here. Remember there is a thin line between being like a child and being childish which is next to immaturity. “Beauty is in your thoughts and your ways but not in your face”. So ask that tiny voice in you who tells you what makes you more lively to enjoy time with your spouse and just plan it up a day. Its that time around and Valentine’s Day is almost around the corner. Men like their surprises too.

 Well, there is still so much more for me to say, but in the end it all comes to one, that never let go of your feelings which keeps you happy and content in life. Enjoy simple things and do not worry about a bad remark in doing what your heart wants now and than but always be aware of your safety. Enjoy every minute of your life. So all my dear women, along with those busy schedules of life, do not forget yourself, you are old when you feel old and think old. So think being a girl and stay a girl forever.

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