Hobbies: Outside Daily Routines

Hobby is a person’s personal choice of indulging his mind and soul in an activity during leisure time that gives us joy and pleasure.  It refreshes our mind and gives us various ways to enjoy every bit of our life. It adds refreshment and introduces us to the fun and interesting part of our life. It lets our mind think freely and promotes creative thinking. Someone who dedicates his free time in practicing his hobby just for fun is called an “amateur” whereas who does this activity for making a career or getting rewards is called a “professional”.


Different have different hobby but their goal is similar, that is, utilizing their free time in doing something they like and which makes them feel a sense of joy. Hobby is something that you love to do, something that can attract your attention to such a level that it becomes your passion someday.


1. Collecting


Collecting is one of the most fascinating hobbies since the person has a collection of historical importance. Time changes and so does the stamps, coins and many more and such people store the records of the changes. It’s an interesting hobby that requires an urge to collect and store the stamps, coins, etc for a long time. Hobbies are a means of recreation of our mind and help us to keep it refreshed after a long tiring day.

2. Outdoor Recreation


Outdoor recreations include hobbies or activities that take place outside our area of stay and work. It takes us away from the chaos of our society and lets us spend some moments of enjoyment and allows us to something which we like and things that make us happy. These hobbies include fishing, hiking, climbing and engaging in water-sports as well as snow-sports. This type of hobby also brings us close to nature and experience something new in our life.

3. Performing Arts


This type of hobbies involve performance of the individuals who engage themselves in activities like playing musical instruments, singing, acting, juggling, martial arts and other performing arts. It lets us enjoy our leisure time as well as makes us aware of our talents and interests. When we learn something new like playing guitar, it instils a sense of responsibility too and we fully utilize our free time while enjoying what we do.

4. Creative Hobbies


Creative hobbies uncover our creative bent of mind and let us freely utilize the freedom of expression. This type of hobbies includes photography, movie-making, jewellery making, and many other activities. Such kind of hobby gives us immense pleasure and peace of mind. This also involves the innovative side of our brain. When we indulge ourselves in activity like photography, our complete focus is our target. This way we learn to focus and become determinant and for some time we forget our usual chores of life and take a break from the journey of our life so that we rejuvenate ourselves once again to carry on further enthusiastically.

5. Cooking


Cooking is not just a hobby, it’s an art. Cooking is a mix of food and colours of life. It is very tedious hobby but someone who enjoys it can surely give his precious time in the kitchen. Cooking is also innovative in nature since one can create anything new by mixing different flavours and ultimately getting immense pleasure while doing it. It is also a way of making others and yourself happy by preparing tasty dishes for your loved ones and being praised by them.

6. Gardening


Gardening is a beautiful hobby by appearance. There are many kinds of garden like terrace garden, roof garden or on a balcony. There are many types of gardening like water gardening, indoor gardening, etc. It increases aesthetic value of the place so gardening is a very environment friendly hobby. Someone who loves nature and like greenery go for it and spend quality time planting in their homes. When you are gardening, you learn to take care and look after things that are important.

7. Reading


Reading is the hobby of those who like to spend time with words and expressions. They love their solitude and enjoy their free time reading novels, comics, etc. Reading is a very useful hobby since it will help in improving vocabulary and knowing something new happening around us. It also helps in improving our overall personality and decision making skills. Reading should be inculcated from childhood since childhood is the foundation of our individuality.

8. Sports


Sports are a form of mental recreation and generate a feeling of confidence and awareness. It keeps us active and promotes good health. It keeps us fit when we indulge ourselves in outdoor sports like basketball, swimming, skating, water sports, etc. This type of hobby fills a sense in enthusiasm in life and lowers stress level in our life. We start enjoying life and it diverts our mind for a while from the adversities of our life.

9. Competition Hobbies


Competition hobbies are those that aim for winning a particular sport or competition while enjoying your time. This helps generating a team spirit and we also learn to compete healthily. Winning is not everything in our life, sometimes just enjoying and learning from our activities is also a mandatory form of living style. This type of hobbies includes wrestling, badminton, cricket, archery, etc.

10. Observation Hobbies


This type of hobbies includes astrology, bird watching, bus spotting, amateur astronomy and many more. Sometimes it is interesting to only watch and try to observe the minor but beautiful elements existing in our environment. In our daily life, we don’t get much time to stop and stare so such hobbies lets us enjoy our life by just observing nature and events happening around us.

Hobbies play a very important role in shaping our thinking and living. Hobbies give us a break from our daily routine and add a flavour to our life. It lets us forget ups and downs for a while and lets our wings of creativity fly high. We all are always busy in our life but we should dedicate a part of our busy schedule to our hobbies too. This will improve our quality of life and give us innovative ideas to live life our way.

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