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The concept of a boarding school has been a practice since the past. It was popular among those of the royal family that the princes were sent to great sages in order to master various crafts. It includes fighting techniques as well as moral values. This is evident from the two renowned epics of our country – Ramayana and Mahabharata. In both of them, the princes were sent into the forest to live in the place if the saint and learn from him.

Currently there are many schools which offer boarding facilities. Some allow day scholars as well while the others are strictly residential. These begin from a very early age of lower kindergarten (LKG). They offer a wide range of amenities. The teachers establish such a relation with the children that home sickness can be overcome easily. Parents often struggle to decide if a boarding education is worth it’s cost because fees are soaring high. There are various advantages as well as disadvantages in this issue.

Most of the boarding schools have a low student – teacher ratio. Hence, the teacher can concentrate on each student well enough and any child cannot get away with his or her work. Here, one cannot fail to complete a given homework as there is no chance of missing the day’s classes as it might happen at home.

Children get to meet others from various parts if the country and even the world. In a days school, they meet only for a few hours but here, they spend all the time together. This enables the acquaintance with different cultures. One can learn about their place, traditions and custom, language and many other things. Being together as a single community all the time, stronger bonds of friendship is developed. This is beneficial especially for those who do not have a sibling but want companionship.


Such schools offer a wide range of extra co-curricular opportunities. Not that the day schools don’t but being close to these resources all the time, it is made easier for the students to explore and improve their talents. Study materials are also at an easy reach. It is unlike the other day students who have to allot timings to attend special classes and tuitions. Time management becomes tough for them and they do not get a chance to try different areas and see what they like the most. For instance, in a boarding school, one might go for each game for a while like swimming, football, cricket and choose what they like. But the latter do not get to try but can just go for the available classes.

The safety is more inside the premises. Parents are extremely worried about sending their children to far away tuition centres and classes due to safety concerns. Otherwise, they have to drop the child them self. Most of the couples today are working. This makes it difficult for them to spare time for such things.

Usually, children are pampered. Some are brought up in such close conditions that they do not have the confidence to face the world boldly in a later stage. Living by themselves enables them to experience living independently. They learn to handle problems by themselves and know to identify to an extent, what is good and bad. No one can call their parents each and every time to solve a problem between a friend. Life is about moving on and standing in the own legs. Parents support is only needed to an extent and we cannot hold their hands and walk all through the journey of life.

Nature is balanced in all the ways. Everything has it’s counterpart. A positive is accompanied by a negative. Good and bad are common. Similarly, there are disadvantages in boarding schools too.

The security features in the school must be thoroughly investigated by the parents. Students might consider it to be a prison when not permitted to venture out alone, etc. but it is mandatory. Unregistered visitors should not be permitted.

Being in a strict environment, they do not have acces to bad influence and unwanted social media. This is indeed good. But during vacations, they should not feel like a bird free from cage and take advantage of all the availabilities. Parents should be cautious.

Generally, holidays are not granted for family ceremonies , except something associated with a very close relative. Children cannot go home for the minor festivals if it is not recognised as a national holiday. Some feel upset because of that.

But boarding life in a very young age is pointless. The child has to get all the love and affection from the parents in the first place. Then when he or she has become matured enough to manage by own self , they can be sent to a residential school. According to me, it is very beneficial as the key advantage of it is that the child gains a lot of self confidence. He can then face the world bravely. So a recommended age can be around 13 or 14. The last four or five years of the school life comes under this. It is mainly the parents’ work to choose a good school which offers all the advantages. Otherwise, there is no meaning to it.

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