We have all heard the proverb, “honesty is the best policy” and at the same time seen it as being used and rather overused as a cliché and trope in movies and literature a million times and it doesn’t really matter how overused and overplayed the proverb seems the fact remains, from the first time you hear the proverb in moral science classes to today it remains just as true. Nothing really can replace Honesty as the ultimate objective source of happiness. And being honest and true to our self in fact becomes all the more important as we move from school to college to work and further on.

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We often forget that maximum time we spend in this world with a person can never be with your parents, your best friends or even the people you fall in love with but rather it’s spent with your own self. And we often negate and underplay this time we spend with ourselves. We say we are alone, lonely or in solitude. But actually we are never really alone, our thoughts and the multiple conversations in our heads are always with us. Someone has rightly said, the most important conversations we have are with our own self. Therefore it becomes extremely important that we are aware of what we tell yourself and what we believe and whether we are being true to our own thoughts.


As people move forward in life and leave other people behind they also tend to leave themselves behind as well. Understandably, the values that you believed in some time ago change with the place and environment that you are in and same goes for principles and even the thoughts that you think. But in essence more or less we remain the same. If we are an optimist no matter how hard we try to see the down side of life we continue to hope for a better world and better days and same goes for a pessimist. But the problem starts when we start layering ourselves with lies that we tell the world. One huge downside of lying to the world is that someday you yourself end up believing in these lies and start living in a make believe world which just doesn’t exist. And when this happens our self and thoughts adjust to this new environment and somehow completely forget who we really were or what really happened.

People talk about getting a reality check. A reality check isn’t something alien or external; it has to stem from your own mind and your own self. Unless you put your foot down and correct your chain of thoughts nothing ever will change. A constant reminder of the place that you are in might be a way in which this can be achieved. Some people might argue and say that there isn’t anything wrong with living in a world that doesn’t exist as long as it makes you happy and you aren’t harming others. But if we genuinely ask ourselves does forgetting the course of actions or worse our own self will ever do us any good.

As we move forward in life we tend to collect regrets that are incredibly hard to let go of. You might hear people constantly complain about how they completely lost touch with themselves and forget who they were thus ending up at a road they didn’t really choose for themselves. When you aren’t true to yourself and let yourself be carried away by these whims of make-believe it becomes ridiculously easy for the world and the people to dictate the way you should live. And consciously or unconsciously they might end up influencing you to take up decisions you otherwise wouldn’t. When we reflect on such decisions we see that it wasn’t really the ability of such people to manipulate as much as it was the unwillingness of your own self to be honest and come out clean and put your foot down which leads to disastrous consequences in life.

Honesty not only leads to a better understanding of the things that happen and decisions that you must take but it also makes you much more aware of your being and leads to an increased self-esteem and confidence, two things which are very important given the circumstances of the world we live in. Honesty would mean you know what you believe in, and why you do what you do, it also means accepting the mistakes that you make and acknowledging that you can’t take a guilt trip if you have done something wrong all the time. Being honest with yourself means starting a relationship with not only you but the world in which you are open and transparent about your life. You take responsibility for your actions and know that you and only you can direct your life to take parallel or opposite directions. Being honest with yourself also means being honest with the world about yourself. It’s important to differentiate between privacy and the shady tint that comes when we mistake secrets as a prerogative under privacy. Secrets as the history can tell us never did anyone any good.

be honest to yourself

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