Honesty: Rest In Peace

honesty‘Honesty is the best policy’, a phrase often advised by hypocrites who never follow it themselves, there are the many risks involved being righteous and forthright in life, and honesty is one of those qualities that can go as far as being fatal to your mortal life, however, it might satisfy your morals. The world comprises of people with two-faced personalities, it is usually another thing that they desire while they ask an honest opinion from you. There are many times when we ask for the truth, but in reality, we look for positive feedback on our work, appearance and what not; aware of that true desire we also indulge in dishing plastic compliments and feeding to that hypocrisy.


Increasing Popularity of Dishonesty

Increasing Popularity of Dishonesty

An honest person has no place in this fatuous world, the policy of honesty mentioned above has lost its popularity over the years, the hopeless struggles to uphold that have also been in vain. While it is obvious that you would expect to have bad consequences of wrongful actions, the good and righteous actions have been resulting similar consequences too; these incidents raises questions on whether the good is really beneficial which in turn creates a fear to the truth we dare speak. The oppression that we know of is not direct but occurs in subtle avenues which restrict us to speak the reality or limits our expressions on brutalities.


John Winston Lennon (9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980), an English Musician, singer and songwriter and a founding member of rock quartet, ‘The Beatles’. His legacy depicts the pacifist messages he conveyed and preached through music, his most famous and simultaneously most infamous song for some was ‘Imagine’. With lyrics that enraged the religious conservative groups at the same time spread brotherhood among the different castes, creeds and religions this turned out to also be fatal for him. Lennon was an inspiration for many, a man who spoke against the social evils and senseless wars; a promoter of peace, love and friendship; these bold opinions and songs made him infamous in the eyes of the right-wing religious conservatives. This ultimately led to the assassination of John Lennon, by Mark David Chapman, who along with other right-wing religious people had taken offense to the lyrics of the song ‘Imagine’ and comments made by the artist in a light hearted interview.

Chivalry is dead, but now I guess, so is honesty; it is not so much as the refraining or isolation from honesty as it is the fright of it. People keep giving so many reasons to just lie or bend the truth, they cover this dishonesty with a curtain they call ‘White Lies’, these are said in order to spare the feelings of your loved ones or the person that you righteously lie to. False education, superstitious notions and preferred knowledge have brought us to the doom, with the increasing likeness of people who disseminate desired knowledge according to them; this leads to the growth of unstable minds who destroy those in protest of wrong information. We believe that these ‘White Lies’ spare the people of hardships, but we overlook at the false notion that they derive through from those preached words. When we accept the use of these subtle dishonesties, we invite severe lies to be permitted, which leads to the death of another good quality i.e. ‘Honesty’.

The two-faced personalities that have developed over time, are all due to the fear of honesty. Personally I have had my share of false statements made in fear of the un-welcome replies, however this inevitably turns to habits, and as you might know, “Bad habits, Die hard”. The blatant destruction to the culturally proper social norms are being ignored, as the end of honesty is transpiring in all simultaneously. When you let slide a flaw or give in to the voice within which tells you to lie, so that it could make things easier, you permit yourself to lying. Our moral ethics have been degraded to a certain degree over the years however, the ignorance have always had reasons and apologies did follow; today we fail to categorize a lie to be a mistake and justify its rightful place in our conversations, these exceptions to ill cultured norms has been the case of much moral destruction.

honesty is the best policy

What prevails in all the cities of the countries, in all of the continents today? There is no surprise to the existence of dishonesty, as a matter of fact the presence of dishonesty has been an integral part of the colourful history we share. Now speaking against the exception to ill cultured norms, I will be a hypocrite to support or justify any kind of it, and so I won’t, and also will decrease my conscious practice of dishonesty. We contest against so many eccentrics that take place in our societies, but the struggles decrease as the existence of them remain, our weak willed minds give up and so they grow in strength. Like George Bernard Shaw once said, “I am afraid we must make the world honest before we can honestly say to our children that honesty is the best policy”, and to ensure a brighter future ahead, it is essential we live by our words.

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