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Hoʻoponopono (ho-o-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Ho’ponopono was earlier usually practised by priests.Modern versions are performed within the family by a family elder, or by the individual alone.

Questions that arrive in everybodys mind .What is ho’ponopono ? Ancient Hawaiian traditional method. For what is this method used ?Problem solving involving the entire family. Means “making things right.”Ho’oponopono is also known as Clearing Meditation.This meditation, includes 10 breathing exercises and 10 Ho’oponopono mantra. Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian word meaning ’make right’ and it is a simple yet profound way of making things right in our lives.


Anyone can practise Ho’oponopono essentially you are seeking a dialogue with the Creator. message may be quite hard to believe, yet it’s amazingly simple. Dr.Joe states that we are all responsible for everything that we see in our world. By taking full personal responsibility and then healing the wounded places within ourselves, we can literally heal ourselves and our world., Dr. Len suggests a four-stage process for this ho’oponopono work. Whenever a place for healing presents itself in your life, open to the place where the hurt resides within you. After identifying this place, with as much feeling as you can, say the below four statements:
1) I love you.2)i’m sorry.3)Please forgive me.4)Thank you These four are the basic words used to heal our problem. With Ho’oponopono, we can dissolve the layers around our personality and reveal our trueselves, making right things that are wrong in our life as we do so. Each and every time  we practice Ho’oponopono, we are encouraged to take one hundred per cent responsibility for everything in our lives, both  good and  bad  .If we see someone who is suffering , then we have brought that person into our life and we are responsible for them being there. We are not actually  responsible for that person or for their suffering, but we are responsible for them being in our present moment.Whenever we are suffering ourselves, in any way , then we are responsible for that. If we are happy, we are responsible for that . The principle behind Ho’oponopono is that everything that is wrong in our lives is simply our bodies or our circumstances  replaying old memories, feelings or beliefs.

The way to practise Hoponopono Gently bring into your awareness a situation or memory that bothers you.This can be anything , such as a concern for a family member, how to pay bills or a situation in the world that bothers you.And keep on repeating the things repeatedly again and again .Ho’oponopono can be used anywhere, any time on any situation. Whatever your problem or issue is is, no matter how big or small, just keep saying the words over and over to yourself and watch what happens. The results could exceed your wildest expectations.

Few benefits which people usually feel after ho’ponopono magic include Inner Peace even in difficult situations, Stress relief Enhanced confidence ,Being capable of letting go of memories of the past etc.This technique was proved right when we took a survey , few people were asked to use ho’ponopono for 15 days .80% of the peoples problems were solved while 20% people need to do it more.


As Dr. Hew Len is fond of saying: “A problem is only a problem if we say it is.”  Maybe these events, experiences, interactions, etc, are just opportunities to make amends.Many people think that in order to do Ho’oponopono properly, we must direct our cleaning efforts towards particular problems that arise in our lives.  Examples might be traffic jams, financial crises, health issues, or arguments with family members. The answer to this isThoughts we’re “thinking” aren’t coming from us; they’re either old memories replaying, or Divine Inspiration.  We don’t know which, at any particular time.  But, I know which one I’d rather have directing me!  Depending on how you look at it, this makes life either extremely disconcerting, or extremely freeing.Many miracles have happened from ho’ponopono magic.My personal experience for hoponopono great. Listening hoponopono prayer for fifteen minutes works.It not only solves the problems we are facing but  relieve keeps our mind calm. Hoponopono chanting also acts as a cleanser

Ho’oponopono is not a religion and never will become one.  With Ho’oponopono there are no teachers, gurus or high priests or middle men. Ho’oponopono practitioners know that the Creator is the only teacher there is.   Indeed, there are those who are more experienced in the practice of Ho’oponopono, but they are regarded in the same way you would regard an older brother or sister.Ho’oponopono is a tool for atonement, for correcting errors, erasing the effects of past actions .Ho’oponopono is not very famous In India but is very popular and used by other countries .Ho’oponopono has  many benefits .Anger is also controlled with the help of ho’oponopono . Love life -relationships get more better after this chanting.In today’s life full of problem ho’oponopono acts as problem solver as it clears everything in the present as well as in the past . Ho’oponopono has thus has become very important and it plays a vital role in everyone’s  life. Work of hoponopono may be little slow sometimes but the work is very effective .

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