Hope – The Eternal Aspiration

Hope is a state of mind that promotes the desire to have positive outcomes in our life at different circumstances. Hope is that light which never fades, that fragrance that never vanishes and that strength that never gives up. When we have hope of something, it altogether gives us a new motivation and creates a new path for us to survive in this world of challenges.

As Samuel Smiles said – “Hope is like the Sun, which as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us”.


One can never know about his future of the work that they do but they can always hope for the best before taking of the work This shows that Hope helps us take up work which we have not done before and let us experience a new beginning in our life. Hope gives us the mental strength that helps us stand out in the crowd.

None of us has led a life which has no stress or burden of anything. To sustain the burden and stress, hope acts like a reliever even if we fail in life. A ray of hope fades tomorrow’s regret and helps us focus on our present. Hope helps us spread our wings of desire freely.


Hope is beneficial but it can be harmful as well. When people have unrealistic hopes, they may go aimless in life instead of following the correct path. Hope is like a candle that needs to be ignited with the fire of our action. Just hope will take us nowhere; we need to have a realistic aim for surviving a meaningful life.

Aristotle Onassis said – “We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds”.

Hope should never act as fog for us that disturb our vision, it should be like a ray that brightens and clears our vision for future.


Hope has no time limit and it can never guarantee success, but it can let a person live on it forever. Sometimes it is the only thing people have in their life and they just wait for the clouds of despair to pass. Hope is the friend of the needy and aspiration for the determined. Hope may let you down and it never lets you fall.


1. Chosen Hope


Chosen hope has a very encouraging vibe. It is usually the living sustenance of people who experience difficult situations in life like those of cancer patients who each day live with the hope to get well soon. This gives them positivity that maybe life gives a second opportunity to live a life free from undesired circumstances. This keeps their spirit to live a happy life no matter what happens.

2. Borrowed Hope


We all experience some kind of ups and downs in our life. In such situations, it often happens that we break down and see no hope in our life but some other person who knows us gives a vision that our life is better in many terms from others and we tend to absorb the confidence and borrow that hope of survival that they have for us. This makes our life better and our future looks promising for us.

3. False Hope


False hope is very harmful for our positive vision. It can be compared to the promises that can’t be fulfilled. Example includes the chain of messages scheme in which we are assured of getting free gifts on forwarding the message to some number of people. This shows that having false hope is like living in illusion. So we should stay away from traps that promote false hope within us.

4. Unrealistic Hope


There is a great difference between dreaming and achieving it in reality. That goes same for unrealistic hope. This kind of hope mostly grows in youngster’s mind who thinks they can become the next Michael Jackson while they are better in content writing. Example includes making a goal to lose weight but occasionally controlling diet. This shall never let her reach her goal since she has no determined action. They make unrealistic targets that can are never met. Hope is not making unreal goal but trying to achieve success in our chosen appropriate goal based on our talent and qualities.

5. Mature Hope


Mature hope is a more meaningful kind of hope. People with this kind of hope can wait without giving up. They don’t believe that everything has to end well. They have determined goal and they don’t stop trying and their hope of finally reaching their goal never dies. They remain positive throughout their life.

What kind of hope do you have in your life? Take a while and think about it whether the hope is realistic or not. Hope should enlighten your mind rather than making you aimless. Hope should take you forward in life.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said –“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. So never lose hope in life however difficult times you may face. Life is meant to give experience and hope is the survival key to a meaningful life.

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