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We all come across this word some way or the other almost every day in our lives but I doubt how many of us actually understand how significant it really is. Hope as I feel is basically being ‘High On Positive Energy.’ It is about having expectations of a positive outcome not only from a particular situation but from life in general. A student is hopeful of scoring good marks in his next exam, an unemployed person is hopeful of securing a job, an employed person is hopeful of being promoted in his job, a home maker hopes to manage her family well, a son or a husband hopes to support and run his family and so on. So basically everyone is hopeful. But if we see closely it’s not just hope for better marks or better job etc but it’s actually hope for a better life. An unemployed person is hopeful of securing a job because he knows getting a job implies a better life. And a better life not just in terms of financial independence but also in terms of satisfaction, confidence and hence happiness.  Thus we see that hope is the centre around which our lives revolve. It is the driving force of our lives. It is like gravity that binds us to life.


It is what makes up get up in the morning and go about our lives. Each day when we wake up it is the hope of having a better day that gets us to go on. Even on the worst of days it is hope that keeps us alive. We hope that the bad day will just pass and the following day will better than the current one. That is why I feel that hope is about having positive energy. It is about being optimistic. It is about believing that things will work out the way we want them to.


But all of us go through the phase of losing hope, of feeling that life has let us down, of feeling so low that it becomes impossible for us to believe that something good might just be along the way. What more proof is there of losing hope than people who take away their own lives. These people have been driven over by situations to such a dark pit in their lives that they forget the meaning of life and lose all hope. To them it seems like life has nothing more to offer. They feel hopeless and think that taking away their own life is the solution as it will cease the pain that they feel. But is this actually the right thing to do? Is suicide the solution to all problems? Absolutely not. Life is precious. It is a gift to be treasured. We all have our bad days or sometimes bad years. Sooner or later it does pass away. There is no pain that time does not heal. There is no problem that cannot be solved. There is no situation that cannot be dealt with. All that one requires is hope. Hope is the oxygen for our lives. Living without hope is like a plant living without sunlight. Not immediately but sooner or later the plant will wither away and die. When the times are tough one just needs to keep the flame of hope burning inside their heart that this will soon be over and better times are in store. Nothing works better than the strength of positive energy.

A quote from the bible reads “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” It signifies the power of hope, the power of faith and of believing that things will work out the way one wants them to. A best selling self-help book of 2006, The Secret by Rhonda Byrne also speaks of positive energy and positive thinking. The book states that all things are based on what is calls the Law Of Attraction which says that people attract experiences and situations in their life which matches their own thinking. So if a person is positive and hopeful he will attract situations which are positive and beneficial to him and which will re-enforce his feelings of positivity. We hence see how hope and positive energy affects the course of our life and how it helps us get through tough times.

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Our lives today have become so fast. Stress levels are running high. Pressure and competition in every phase of life is taking its toll on people. We see kids as young as 10 year olds being stressed out and undergoing treatment in hospitals for various psychological problems. Newspapers are rampant with news of children committing suicides dues to break ups, low scores in exams, failure of getting into colleges of their choice etc. Maybe now is the time for us to settle down for a moment and to think about our lives. It is time to get our perspectives on life right and teach our children the same too. It is time to rejuvenate hope in ourselves and believe that life is like a wave with its crests and troughs and experiencing a trough simply means that a crest is on its way. We can get past anything as long as there is hope in our hearts. During a recent low phase in my life a friend said the following to me and I conclude by quoting her, “Hope is the most beautiful thing in this world. It is what makes live livable and ultimately is the source of all happiness.”

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