However Sad Your Life is, Face it and Live it

We chill with our friends, we get into highly-paid jobs, we find the love of our life and we go out for a vacation. A cute little happy picture, isn’t it? But is life always a bed of roses?

NO. There are times in life when we feel very low. Everything around seems to be gloomy and every person seems to be mean. You suddenly begin to hate the entire world and anything that happens, even if your pen drops, you tend to break down and cry. You suddenly become an atheist and you feel to be the centre of all sorrow in this world. You don’t want to study, you don’t want to go out with friends, you don’t want to talk to anyone. You just want to be left to yourself, locked in a small room where no one can hear or see you. You want to just sit on your bed and stare at the wall in front of you for hours. Your world seems to be coming to an end and you start missing the happy times in your life. Hunger, thirst, cold, sickness, you tend to become oblivious to everything. It seems as if no one in this world understands you, no one cares for you and no one wants to be with you. You suddenly find yourself to be the most unwanted and useless creature on this planet and death seems to be the only option to come out of this pain.

leave me alone

Such feelings are not people-specific but are experienced by all of us at some point in our lives. The reason can be anything. Some people experience it when they fail in exams, others feel it when they have a heartbreak. Some people behave this way when they are fired from their jobs, others tend to do the same when they loose their dear ones. The world may call you a drama queen/king, but its absolutely normal to react this way when you feel low. Some people tend to sit silent for hours, others want to booze their pain out and still others feel like breaking the things around them and shouting at everyone. But in the end, crying is something that everyone resorts to crying. You tend to cry a river and still the tears seem unending.

How do we come out of this melancholy situation? Though there are tough times in life, but there are ways to come out of them as well.

Meditate : Whenever you feel low, nothing can pay of as well as mediation does. Just sit on the floor , close your eyes and take a deep breath. Your mind will experience a new wave of freshness and life and you will feel rejuvenated. Chant the ‘YES I CAN DO IT’ mantra and see what happens! Practising simple yoga pranayams like ‘anulom vilom’ will also work wonders.


Hug your Mom: Nothing compares to a mom’s love. Feeling lonely and left out? Go hug your mom. The feeling of contentment and strength that you get when you embrace your mother is just inexplicable. Go to your mom, sit besides her and just puke out all the frustration and pain that is bothering you. Trust me, your mom will definitely have a solution to it.

Relive the past: Just sit alone in a small room and recall all the happy moments of your life. Think about the most joyful time you have had, the most beautiful place you have ever been to, the most crazy thing you have ever done. Everything will bring a smile to your face and you will feel relaxed. Go through old picture albums and videos and feel good about the time when you used to be a happy spirit. It will inspire you to be the same again.

go through an old album

Do what you like: if you are working on something and things are not going the way they should, take a break. Leave your work aside and sit back and relax. Do something that interests you. It can be playing a game, chatting with your friend, eating a pizza, watching a movie or going out for shopping. It can also be doing crazy things like making prank calls, troubling your siblings or laughing loudly without any reason. Everything for sure will give you a sense of relief, liveliness and rejuvenation.

Pray: Even if you don;t believe in god, just go to a place of worship and sit there with your eyes closed. Ask the nature/god to give you enough strength to fight against any trouble, to be able to accept failures and learn from them, to have enough belief in myself. Believe it or not, you will surely feel empowered. Nature doesn’t promise you miracles, but it surely promises you to give the ability to make wonders.

Sleep: If none of the above mentioned ways work in your favour, sleeping the option that will surely do. Just force your mind to forget everything that is bothering you. Lie down on your bed, put on the AC/ heater and dose of. Hope you have a peaceful sleep.

sleep peacfully

Everything, every time can’t be perfect. Failures are bound to happen and success is bound to follow it. Why? Because no winter can last forever, no spring

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