21st century can officially be called the fast paced century where time is valued like money and everyone is always in a hurry. Not only we have far evolved from the times when letters were sent through mails which would reach its destination only a week a later, but E mails too have now been just restricted for formal communication. It’s the age of instant messaging baby! Where not just your message is sent in less than a second but you also get to know that whether the receiver has read it yet or not (Blame What’sApp and Facebook for that). It’s just all so fast!

We put up an alarm to wake up early, get ready quickly, go through all the morning errands that need to be done and finally leave from home. We leave from our houses and start walking on the streets with a mission, the mission to reach the desired place as quickly as possible. Get into a subway and you will find people moving so fast that you would almost feel like everything is happening in fast forward. Some are hurrying for office and others are worried about getting late for classes. There are couples rushing to meet each other while businessmen don’t want to get late for meetings. And standing in queues? Oh god! We hate queues. We just want it all fast. Our gadgets should be fast, the transport should be fast, our kitchen appliances should be fast, the exercise machine should be fast and oh the internet speed, it should be lightning fast. It’s all just hush-hush!

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But why is there such hastiness? Nobody has got a minute to spare. Have we really become this busy or it’s just the lifestyle we all have chosen?

Give it a moment and think when was the last time you really enjoyed a slow walk, with a friend or just accompanied by your thoughts? When you weren’t in a hurry to reach a certain place for work or just to reach your home so that you can sit in front of your laptop screen? When was the last time you stopped on the street to talk to a total stranger? The last time you put in hours just to enjoy a hobby and really enjoy not to get something productive out of it. Or when was the last time you saw a beautiful sunset and lost in its serenity? Too hard to remember right?

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No doubt this fast paced lifestyle has provided us too much but somewhere it has snatched away even more. It has taken away the stillness and the calmness, from our lives and our minds, which was prevailing only in earlier times. Being born and brought up in a metropolis (see I don’t even have the time to write metropolitan city, the word metro is what we usually use because we are just so busy man!) I have never really seen what it feels like to take an early morning walk in the farms. I don’t know what spending a day away from the hustle bustle of cities can be like. All I have ever seen is constantly honking cars and people running on the streets madly. A crowd of people who are just too desperate to reach somewhere and they are incessantly in a hurry.

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Life is a race they say, if you are not fast enough you will lose, they say. But I like to think of life as a complete journey instead. And you do not have to reach some final destination in as less time as possible. Yes you cannot just laze around all the time but as much as you need to run and chase after your dreams to make them true, you also need to sit back and enjoy a moment of calmness every now and then.

You need to get out of that office building, sit in a park for a while and enjoy everything around. Watch the children playing, talk to different people and fall in love maybe! Watch the plants and birds and appreciate the calmness that nature can provide you. For it is something that humanly inventions or a busy routine life can never give.

The city culture has truly spoiled us and so much that we no longer realize that what all are we missing. We have got so much absorbed in our lives, which is nothing but just chasing after all the wrong things that we have forgot where the actual happiness lies. And it cannot be derived from moving in the fast lane. Because no matter how fast you go you are never precisely able to reach that finish line and even your quickest pace will make you feel like there isn’t enough time.

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So what to do then? How to make time? Do we need to go faster and be more efficient? No genius! But slow down. Enjoy every moment as it comes without keeping an eye on the clock. Do one thing at a time and try spending weekends doing activities like gardening or cooking a proper meal instead of running through errands and eating a frozen pizza. Give yourself day off which you can spend just meditating or daydreaming or whatever you like and enjoy, just go slow.

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