Being Idle and Loving it!

Starting from tomorrow are my mid semester break which will last for like what, bare 10 days. While most of my friends and classmates are going all “we need no vacations” and how boring not going to college is, I am feeling kinda relieved that I’ll finally try getting some time to catch my breath. Nevertheless I’m in advance pretty occupied for the next 10 days. In this tiny span I am supposed to get over with a few assignments, projects, and presentations, write a bunch of articles, help mom with her work, fill up a dozen entrance exam forms and somehow start studying for those exams as well, if I’m left with any of the energy and that i sincerely doubt. Having a jam-packed schedule with no minute to spare makes me think about, and terribly miss, the days when you can sleep till noon with no worry on your head while right now taking an hour long nap is also most of the times unmanageable. But hey, chill out this article is not completely a way to vent out my frustration (it can seem like!) but I can’t help but miss the days when you have literally got nothing to do and you lay all day in your bed celebrating your unproductivity and laziness.

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I love being idle! I mean yes you can go hours lecturing about how you should always keep yourself busy with something or the other and an empty brain is a devils workshop but don’t you just love when you have got no plans for the entire day, no chores and a blank to-do-list? The nights where you go to sleep without having to put an alarm for the next morning? I totally love them!

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Summer vacations in school have always been about joining some hobby class or getting in some craft work and then you used to hear things like how you shouldn’t waste the time given and utilize it in learning something useful or engage in extra-curricular activities. Some of us would get ourselves enrolled in calligraphy or swimming classes while the nerdy birdies would get busy in studying extra subjects. But what better activity can be than sitting idle or sleeping? Well yeah I do sound like pathetically lazy over here, which I truly am, (I get excited about cancelled plans!) but don’t you too love being idle at least every once in a while?

Growing up with my best friend living next door always meant that there was no time to sit idle or alone. Our growing up years included doing all the weird stuff, from making tents with bedsheets to going for early morning walks and catching ladybugs. But that’s how the childhood is supposed to be, restless and alive. Now don’t get me wrong over here as being alive is extremely important through your entire life. But what I am trying to say is that once one becomes an adult and gets caught up in a million responsibilities, have work commitments and deadlines, taking a day off and relaxing sounds like a true paradise.

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Sitting Idle isn’t really bad unless you do it every day of your life. Here is how sitting idle can really work for you. When you have got nothing to do you also tend to have an empty brain and an empty brain can cause a lot of wonderful things to happen. Staying caught up with work and keep loading excessive information in that thing in your head called brain might just cause a breakdown but taking out time every now and then to disconnect it and unload it helps you on more than one level. It lets some new ideas pour in, benefit you on a creative level and simply helps in keeping your mind relaxed. It can also help you physically. An active and fit routine is necessary and healthy but another thing which is also necessary is providing our body proper rest from time to time. Taking a day off from your busy schedule and just sitting at your home rambling will give your body too, a break and let your muscles relax.

If you have got enough time to spare and you are sitting idle in a harmless way then there are two things you can do. One is listen to all those boring people who tell you to employ all your free time by indulging in some new learning experiences or dwell into extra activities. Or what you can do is utilize this free time in its complete sense and in fact enjoy sitting idle. And don’t intend to do it for your whole life or your parents might just start sending me hate emails for spoiling their kids by asking them to sit idle.

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There is going to be enough time in your life to stay busy but for now you might want to take a chill pill for a moment, sit idle and enjoy it. Meanwhile I will lay in my bed and look at the walls of my room and appreciate the beauty of my wall paint. (I almost forgot what color it was!)

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