Ignorantism : Realizing One Self


Ignorance is kind? Really? Think about all the opportunities you missed, all the friends/relationships you lost, all the knowledge you chose to ignore. Think about it real hard. Regret it don’t you? Ignorance has various facades and sometimes you dont even see it. It’s something that you do either voluntarily or involuntarily. Here are just a few of those facades brought to life.

In the movie, Wall-E, yes it was a better love story than Twilight, the subject that the movie highlighted was “ignorance” and “apathy”. It made me wonder how humans actually have become so disinterested with everything in life. Now you’re thinking, ‘nah, I know I am not ignorant I manage everything so well’, but the fact is maybe you do manage everything well, but the little tiny facts you over look at times are the ones that mattered the most. Simple example, you and your friend haven’t spoken in ages, although you want to speak to them, you make no attempt to make the first move. The friend, might message you sometime, inquiring about you but you choose not to reply back, due to some odd reason. After a while, just because you are in the mood, you text them and get no replies. And there you just learnt how you lost your friend. There are many examples of ignorance that can be listed, not just from an individual point of view but from a universal too.

One thought that has been crossing my mind lately, is the political scenario in and around the world. Honestly speaking it is in one word, HORRENDOUS! The committees that put forth these laws are bound by pressure from the greedy politicians, who only fill in the seat of their designated post so that they can fill their pockets with gold (money). Yes I do detest towards the government, mainly because they have no respect for themselves which indirectly means they have zero respect for us. But till when will they continue ignoring our needs? How long the deprived are meant to suffer while the rich keep getting richer? When will the unjust laws be ruled out and amends will come into effect? Unless and until we the people, speak up against these hungry hounds, the better life that you dream of will not come to life. We had so many revolutionaries fighting for the rights they felt they deserved, in today’s world, nobody really has the guts to speak up against the government because it will crush you down, and those who do raise their fists are secretly gunned down. I don’t want to mention any country, any politician, any political party, because all are the same to me. Equal to nothing. I don’t do well with political talk, it gets me annoyed. Change the system if it bothers you that much.

That was one aspect; ignorance of self and others is another. You know why we have a generation gap? The whole gap between parents/grandparents/friends of different ages is the clash of ideologies and priorities. The individual born in a different time, will have a mindset of the events it witnessed himself/herself during that time, with probably less or no exposure to technology/western culture/freedom. The current age individual, with everything just a click or touch away coupled with influence of the west and ruled by technology, the individual is caught between trying to be somebody they are not and being that they should be. You must have seen these memes, “Girls be 12 acting and dressing like they 21”, I find these memes of young white boys trying to be like black guys and then demeaning them of being black. I mean, hello, are you a Martian? Look people, you are entitled to choose to live your life on your terms, but by faking it? I am sorry, you are only disregarding the real you. Get your facts straight, learn about the way the world works, observe and understand and interpret. We may never learn from the mistakes we committed in the past, but you need to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake again, there is a reason why this free-form proverb is heard over and over again.

I once went to an orphanage, I cried like a baby seeing babies, especially girls, who couldn’t walk or talk properly abandoned. I never went back there, because I am weak hearted. I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t ignore your family. Respect every individual for who they are and how they are. If you go ahead to change a person just because you find them unappealing it is only going to create bridges in your relationship. Your parents are the ones who brought you into this world and raised you to be a good human, include them in your happiness/sadness, in your life. Showing disinterest in the talks of your elders/grandparents is rude. They may have an old fashioned mentality, you pick out what you feel is right for you and move on ahead, by choosing to ignore, you are disrespecting them. Shame on you, if you find yourself behaving that way. Learn to be like the ocean, not like the puddle.

Like always, I am not trying to impose my views on you. You sift through what you like and consume it making sure you know the consequences. Respecting yourself and your surroundings will not harm you. We all are in the age where the only support we have is each other, if you aren’t strong then how will you pull others up with you? Pay attention to the little wisps’, follow the signs.  This is just like a little self note which you probably didn’t make today

: live and let live


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