Imperfection- the key to a perfect life


The other day I saw a classmate crying in the break time rather than going outside to celebrate her being the topper of the class. The reason is not too hard to guess. She was crying due to a score of 991 marks. She has high expectations to outdo her previous performance stuck in the same mark range. She was in the path to beat her inner weakness and being perfect in the results. As I walked along, I saw another classmate inviting me for a treat for getting an average score. I felt pity for the topper who was on the epitome of depression and isolation for the mere 9 marks. On the other way round, the average scorer was content and enjoying his results because he could see his hard work finally paying off as he rose from failure to a average scorer. He was not trying to be perfect rather he was much happy to have ken about his hard work and capabilities.

The present world hopes to bring in the perfectionist to drive out every germ inside the company’s body. They mistake this as the medicine. But overdose of everything is disastrous. Same way, that perfect side is for a short while.  After a while, that medicine will become resistant and will not work out as it focuses on the same plan rather than to access the type of germ and give variety of solutions. Perfection means being in a fantasy world, which is impossible and thankfully unattainable. No where we can see perfection, neither in calculations, neither in value of important numbers like pi nor in super brain’s experiments like that of Einstein. They are pretty close of being perfect. Perfection means working out a stuff without having any error and fault. But we are humans. When simple machines which are 100% accurate can be at fault, how can anyone expect us to be perfect?

Even being perfect is boring. The one who is close to perfect has no life at all. In their endeavour to become perfect, they choose the path of loneliness and darkness to reach the epitome. In the wish to be perfect, they tend to forget that there are others in their life too. They bestow people with lesser talents than them as pitiful creatures. They expect others in their way to be perfect also. And in the surge, they are left alone. They would criticize every weakness as burden. They want perfection in every field and would not be able to handle failure. Such life is worst than being born with talents. At least they have the hope to find that little ray of hope, to work out on their weakness and drive away through the doors.

Imagine if everyone in the world becomes perfect, how dull and lifeless life would become. There would be no competitions. There would be no hard work to thrive towards success. It will be daunting to see everyone with their own ideas but no one would be there to implement them and use them. Life would become monotonous with everyone booming like stars and becoming Einstein’s super evolved model. No one would be ready to do petty jobs. Sometimes, we burden our children with the task of being perfectionist. It distracts them to live in the present. We expect them to outdo others and excel in every field they put forth their feet. We often scold them when they do a mistake rather than consoling them to go the hard but right way. But this is not the way; this plan would be a complete failure in the long run. They need to travel alone, endure rain and see the bright rainbow after the rain fades away. The pleasure of being in the letdown phase and then basking in the glow of success will make him more strong and resistant to life.


Life is like the colorful rainbow which comes brightening our skies. And each colour has its own identity. Each color complements the other. So does life’s playground. We have our own talents and weakness. But being perfect would to a colorless facet of life. People with different imperfections are covered up with people of opposite talents. This cumulates them to become one and climb the rusty stairs of success. Constantly driving towards perfection leads us to be colorblind and we forget to enjoy the beauty that lies in the path between failure and success. There are other facets of life which are covered with dust and need to be dusted away so as to see the colored facet.

The key to perfection is to ignore perfection and focus on the need of the time being. It is good to work upon weakness and make it strong but envying others to become perfect can lead to serious wrongdoings. It is good to see how our dear ones accept us with such imperfections. Although they might be angry on some work, still they care for us the same way. Our imperfections are the one which support us through thick and thin. It is better to be imperfect and live life on the edge rather than sitting in the lonely room thinking to beat God’s creation and make yourself perfect.

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