Importance of Failure in Success

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As our days are incomplete without night, spring has no awe without the shade of winter, similarly life will be too monotonous and boring if there are only feelings of joys every reaching success and no flavor of failure or knock downs.

Too much of something, sometimes gets on our nerves and this habitual success then has no worth, as a saying goes, “Success is counted sweetest by people who never succeed”, this right away means that the people who face several knock downs and still are focused on their way to success surely succeed, for those success is like a blue moon do taste it the sweetest and value it the most.


Failure is not a words to be scared of, it simply means putting in extra effort  and hard work, if you fail it does never mean that your life has come to a standstill , there is no way out or you are too bad to even try your luck the other time, all these prejudices are unworthy obnoxious and act as barricades on your way to success; reaching is never as important as learning while you are in your journey, your journey is the best gift success will ever give you, it is seen now a day`s students appearing for entrance exams do take in a lot of load leading to frustration, tension and finally mental and emotional breakdown. Life though is counted on results but your worth counts with the learning’s attached to results. Your road to preparation may knock you down but never deter your preferences , jump in the arena of learning for whatever be it, while preparing you are learning the only competition you have is that which you set in your mind, and if after so much if hard work you still  don`t succeed , never consider yourself as weak, because every failure is a lesson, every failure is a stepping stone to success, those who brood on for being knocked on after sincere hard work and effort will never be able to rise up again, to face the circumstances which every day brings along, but those who try to learn a lesson from their weak points are meant to succeed , moreover if you are facing rigorous knock downs even after sincere efforts and true perseverance then give  listening to your true calling because life only asks you put something down to pick something even better.

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Failure is as you take it, it never is bad or it never means you are unworthy or your life is at a dead end, remember every adversity has a key to unlock the door of new opportunity only if you are aware to look forward rather than lingering on to your failure.

A person fails when his power to dream dies not when his dreams are not fulfilled, a person fails if it never tries, not when it is faced down by failure, just consider failure as a word synonym to a lesson as you learn lessons in school and go through them all over again if you do not get them once or you jot down a new plan to read a particular lesson in a different way to memorize it even better, Your failure is just the same , it`s a lesson that may be you are lacking somewhere in your honest effort or you need to mend your ways, if you once get knocked down to success by planning in a certain way , never try that way again, make your plans all over again , stick to them, read them over and over again built within yourself a zeal to reach to your desired goal, because success has its own demands which only lessons from failing can teach.


If you fail once get up and try again, say to yourself, “I am more than i am supposed to be, all the strength and power rests inside me”. I f you fail again gather all your strength and try all over again, people who try never fail and those who ask for something with an up surging will to achieve it always achieve as ,” the universe itself conspires with you to become what you want to”, hard work always counts, never let yourself down because at all time you will be by your side even when the tides are not in your favour even when no ray appears and no one is there to support you, so never make yourself weak , learn to beat procrastination , you are your own best friend at all times , you know what you are weak at, nobody except you will be with you when you fail , so never demoralize yourself don`t kneel down in front of failure, everyone know what living your life in meagre feels like, those who point on you are themselves failure unable to elevate themselves after a single fall so they find it easy to pull others down.

You are your own maker or breaker, remember too much sweetness is never good, sourness balances it making it delicious, life is to be lived not to be mocked, failure is not detrimental unless you learn to face it, failure is an inevitable part of success, people fail when they sit accepting their defeat, those who fight back never fail. All your success and failure comes to you as think of it and if you believe you can succeed believe me YOU WILL SUCCEED.

Every failure is just another step towards success, every failure asks you to pull your socks even tighter, it asks for harder work, more perseverance and in return it gifts you your desired success

failure leads to success

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