Why is it Important to Embrace the Child within You?

Adults can’t help but feel jealous when they look at a bunch of kids running around aimlessly and shrieking with laughter. More than reminiscing over the days by gone , they secretly wish to go back to that stage. Imagine a phase when you’re free from responsibilities and obligations , free from stress and tension that arises due to the burden of work and most importantly free from being conscious of things like reputation , image etcetera’s a small part of you that still hasn’t grown up and this part deserves to unleash itself at times too. Your adult self and child self are going to be in constant conflict with each other but do remember to give each of them a chance. More likely , we will tend to suppress our inner child but here are some of the reasons why it is important to give this side of you a chance.

We need to learn to stop obsessing over small things unnecessarily. Keeping these things aside might also help you see other things with a crystal clear view. Once in a while , make it a point to stop and look at the whole puzzle instead of just worrying about its pieces.


Kids don’t hold on to something for a long time. We shouldn’t be acting like one and jumping from one thing to another , but we should really learn to let go. Kids forgive easily and don’t tend to hold grudges for a long time unlike adults. We must learn to forgive and forget instead of plotting revenges and paybacks.

Kids are attracted to anything that is fun. Make it a point to incorporate a few fun things in your daily schedule to break monotony and at the end of the day feel good about yourselves. If you do not have the time to fit more things in your busy schedule , try making your daily chores more fun and you’ll see that joy can be found in the smallest of the things.This is exactly why kids are so happy , bright and cheerful most of the times.

Little boy having fun

Another thing that dies within us when we grow up is curiosity. As kids we tend to ask questions every now and then but this eagerness to know things eventually fades out and we just accept everything the way it is. The inner kid within will definitely not be satiated with what we already know and will constantly be hungry to know matters related such as how, when, where, why etc.

Kids are considered to be the most purest and innocent form of human beings. Some of them call this as naïve but more than that they should be seen as uncorrupted. We learn morals, values and other good lessons when we are small. We immediately seem to incorporate them in our lives too. However as we grow up we manage to compromise on this value set in accordance to the situation and grow up seeing others do the same. Ask your inner child for consent if you’re stuck in a situation and you”ll figure exactly what you need to do.

Creativity flows in the blood of kids. Sometimes even we are shocked as to how a kid came up with such unique thoughts or brilliant ideas. These ideas may seem loose, far-fetched and unrealistic but we need to learn a lesson or two from them on how we can think out of the box. Set your minds free and there’s no limit to where your creativity will take you


We tend to get tired very easily and end up lazing in some corner. Possess the activeness and enthusiasm of a kid. Always be on the move and utilize time in the most efficient way possible. Don’t while away time and make sure that your brain isnt idle at any point. Ofcourse , rest is necessary but only in certain optimum levels in order to reenergize and refresh your body for the next day

When we grow up, we tend to start dreaming. Although you might have failed multiple times, never give up on dreaming big. Like a kid would, set huge dreams and aspirations for yourself to achieve. Just wanting it badly can push you closer towards this dream. Be fearless and dare to aim for the sky.

Disconnect from technology. There are more interesting and fun thinks out there apart from Facebook and YouTube. We weren’t techno freaks when we were small and yet managed to have such an amazing childhood. From primitive things like drawing, cycling, reading to reading, writing and inventing.

play with kid

Things become a lot easier when you have kids around you. Just spending time with them will make you believe that you belong in the same age group. Sit along with them when they’re doing something or play with them and your day is made.

Then again, being an adult you do need to get back to your responsibilities and duties. However you can still continue to be fun, spontaneous and creative. Remember to get in touch with your inner child every now and then because maybe that’s where your true self lies.

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