Inner Peace Is Your Weapon

We all know about the famous movie “Kung Fu Panda” where an unorganized, clumsy Panda makes his way through and becomes the dragon warrior. Though he did not have a severe training in Kung-Fu martial art since his childhood unlike the furious five team (monkey, viper, mantis, tigress and crane) who were trained since they were born, he could still defeat the enemy and restore peace within his locality. The quality that has helped him to conquer the bad and win over his enemy was his “Inner Peace”. That means, more than his skill and his physical power, he made use of his mental power by controlling his mind and achieved success.


The above situation is not just a fiction but can really be implemented in real life to attain success. A successful person needs to stay calm to take decisions that value a lot in his life. In today’s world, inner peace is much needed as most of the people spend their lives in chasing their goals and targets, always being in tension and ultimately lose their inner peace leading to irritation and unnecessary anxiety.

Be patient whatever the situation might be. Many of the people lose their calm when they get involved in a grave or an emergency situation. It is natural to get excited at that time but unless until you stay calm and think, you may not find the right solution. For example, if a dear one is not well, then instead of panicking, try staying calm and think what to do next. Then the simplest and the most straightforward solution of calling a doctor or taking them to hospital will strike you. So stay calm even if there is trouble around you.

patience                     patience1

Stay soothed and calm your spirit. It all starts with your heart which does not want to stay relaxed and think about all the tasks that are to be completed, the responsibilities that are to be handled etc. Unless we learn to keep our heart in control, we cannot achieve inner peace. Close your eyes and stay relaxed. Do not think of any work, just allow your mind to get blank, this state of mind is difficult to obtain and meditation plays an important role in helping you achieve this.

spirit1                            spirit

Find contentment in what you have. This is one of the most important and value principle that should be followed by everyone. There was once a woodcutter who used to earn his daily bread by cutting branches of dried trees and selling them. The money was just enough for his family to eat and to fulfill other needs like fee for the children, expenses related to health etc. His wife used to nag him to earn more money no matter what. After listening to all her words he decided to earn more money by cutting down even the green trees which are full of life. He is now earning more money than what he used to earn earlier and his family was happy enjoying little comforts. As time passed on, all the trees were gone and he had nowhere to go. He then repented that contentment is the best policy to stay happy and he is being punished for being selfish. He lost his inner peace at that moment and felt very bad for the rest of his life. It is your responsibility that you work harder, but at the end of the day, you need to stay contented with what you have. Only then will you have the will power and the determination to work an extra more the next day.

contentment                           contentment1

See beauty in everything around you. Beauty soothes your mind and helps you restore your inner peace. Anything and everything is beautiful in at least one point of view. Explore that angle, find the beauty and you will feel happy from the bottom of your heart.

beauty                            beauty1

Take your time for your happiness. However busy and scheduled you might be, break all the rules and take some time for yourself. Make the most of it by thinking about yourself and things that would make you happy. It may be something small as a hot coffee with your music in your ears or something big like going on a trip with your best friends. Whatever it may be, take your time and get them done. These little things in life will give you peace and help you get recharged.

happiness                  happiness1

Finally be optimistic. Optimism can give hope even to a cancer patient who is in final stage of the disease and pessimism can even kill a person who is suffering from a minute ulcer. Such is the power of being optimistic. When you stay optimistic, everything seems fine and even if you are in some trouble and yet you are optimistic, then you can feel the world around you telling that everything will be fine again in the near future.

optimistic1                              optimistic

Peace is one of the most valuable qualities that a person needs to have to stay happy, calm and successful. Unless you control your mind and learn to tame your heart in finding its inner peace, you are a clumsy person. Once you start staying calm, just as the panda has found his way to success, you will find your way to your goal. All it takes is the dedication and the will power to change yourself for the better.

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