Internet Savvy! Beware of Fraudulent Schemes

Its the world of computers and people use the world wide web feature almost for every purpose. People are so busy with their schedules that they can hardly make time to go out of their work place. Because that the number of shopping and buying things over the internet have increased on a high rate these days, the websites also have started to provide more and more facilities to shop online and buy products of your choice.

As much as people like to stay connected through internet, there are more and more people who wants to lure innocents and steal money. There are schemes in almost everything where one can get cheated. Please note that getting cheated do not mean you are foolish instead it means you trusted a wrong person, and that person took an advantage of your trust, all the same, the loss is yours. Hence its very much necessary to be alert in today’s world of being cheated.

There are fraudulent schemes of all kind in every business and at times it gets difficult to identify who is a fraud and who might be for real. The crime branch of FBI have set certain guidelines for the same purpose along with do’s and dont’s.

Recently I too went through with similar experience. The most ironic one was, I received an e-mail telling me that I won a lucky draw of Kaun Banega Crorepathi – A television game serial, in which my number (phone) was selected and I have been chosen for an award of 25 lakhs in rupees. Well, seriously its a big amount and while if someone is giving it to you just for free. The real twist in the story was that to retrieve this money I need to pay 25 thousand initially which will be paid back to me. The e-mail looked so much promising that they drafted an entire deduction of the total amount I will be paid with tax deductions and with all other things.

The very first thing I did was browse the matter in Google, and there it was with big alert note, there are such fraudulent schemes going on about fake promises of being won in KBC lucky draw.

Well, Internet can really make you or break you. So once I realized the e-mail is a bogus one, I just have to ignore it.

There are lot many people who make such fake promises over the internet and not all have information of possible fraudulent scheme. People get easily cheated with free gifts and free offers or discount offers.

Have you ever thought when someone wants to sell something why they offer something free? There is always a benefit, else its impossible to market and sell a product. So do not get carried with promises of free gifts and other benefits in buying the original product which you were looking.

Some of the most common fraudulent schemes we see over internet are,

Auction and E-commerce frauds


There are plenty of websites where you sell and buy products. Some of them are genuine, while most of them are fake. In these fraud schemes the websites shows you a picture of an item and once you buy it, you might get a different kind which sometimes could be an old piece, or broken, or damaged or sometimes you might not even receive the product in any piece. So beware, before you type in those digits of your credit cards and make payments. See if anyone have brought things from that website, check if its possible to talk to someone who has an experience and find out about the service of the website.

Credit card frauds


There are various kind of hackers over the internet and when you type in your credit card details, hackers can get those details and could be used in your name. There are a lot many cases filed with this crime with the internet crime FBI and many get cheated with this method. So careful before you fill out any kind of forms over internet where you need to give your credit card details.

Fake Diploma’s and Degree’s


In today’s world education is very important and there are many universities which provides education. But the only problem is some of them are not listed under the law of education providers and any certificates obtained by such institutes will not be valid. A lot many people prefer to study while they take other jobs. So most prefer to study online. There are a lot many fake universities who promises you of degree’s and courses which are not valid. You will be wasting your precious times in years along with the money you spend on these courses. So beware and make sure if those universities are valid before you sign up for any kind of educational plans over internet.

 Work at Home fraud schemes


The most commonly seen are those advertisement we see whenever we browse, there comes a picture of someone telling how much money they have made by simply sitting at home and spending just a few hours of their day and they can earn double the amount which they might have earned for a month. Before joining such schemes or even buy any kits from them, please do think once, if one can earn such easy money why will everyone have to struggle on going jobs and work on tough scheduled time slot. All can sit at home and make money, is it not? Most work from home offers make promises that anyone can do the job without any much of education and without any age limit. Beware, these are many different kind of frauds and some of these frauds exploit people who are desperately looking for a way to earn and who look for an easy way. There is never an easy way to earn anything in this world and its not only money. So be careful before you make any kind of commitment over internet and do not give details of bank, cards and any other personal details.

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