Are You An Introvert? Don’t Be

An introvert person is not necessarily the same as shy; rather an introvert is the one who gets recharged by being alone whereas shyness is the element of anxiety and apprehension. At some point of time being an introvert proves beneficial for you as if you like to keep some idle time for yourself you can polish your imagination. In today’s fast life people hardly get time for themselves and as a result intensity of frustration and irritation increases. However, being an introvert has its demerits too. It may in fact lead to aggravation of loneliness and distress. If you like to remain alone by sparing some time from your busy schedule then it is good for improving your personality. But, if you are rendered into loneliness because of your inability to interact with others then your being introvert is leading you to a wrong way.

An obvious question to pop in everyone’s mind, how to differentiate in both the two cases? It is very simple to make out the difference. If your being alone is giving you peace and tranquillity or being productive then go for it or if you are finding yourself hesitant to put forward your views in front of others then it’s a wrong way. There are so many amongst us who feel a kind of hesitation and nervousness while telling or sharing with others what they feel. But what needs to be understood is that nobody is perfect, everyone has one or the other flaw in himself/herself. People do not take courage to speak their hearts out with the fear that they might make a mistake and become a laughing stock. But think once, does it actually hold importance what others think about you? Whenever you step forward to do something good, there is always someone standing behind you to drag you down from that position. Then why to bother yourself because of others?


Being this type of introvert pushes you into the pits of unsuccessfulness at various steps of life. Opportunities do not wait for long they knock your doors very few times and if you cannot make use of them, you lose them. So, if you fail to grab the opportunity for your introvert attitude, you can’t get the same chance again. An introvert person always remains dissatisfied because of the disability to open his heart in front of others. Unless you speak out your ideas, others will not understand your views. This also renders you being the prey of avoidance. If you remain an inactive member of the group or society, you are neglected by others.


But there are certain steps you can follow to overcome your this flaw. First of all you try to develop confidence in yourself so that you can freely talk to others. Lack of self-confidence is the major hindrance that ceases your advancement. Before others try to develop a certain point of view towards you, your low self-esteem pulls you back from doing anything. Secondly, your company and your friends matter a lot in making your personality. If you are friends with a bunch of people who themselves are introverts, you can never overcome your own defect. You should try to be in the company of those people who are extrovert and at the same time encourage you too, to give up your hesitation. You must try to take initiatives to communicate with other people. Once you gain confidence in sharing your ideas with others, you will surely develop an interest in active conversations. What is needed is the first step.

Sometimes people out of their egos lag behind in initiating a conversation thinking that the other person should begin and as a result introversion holds the person even more tightly. It can easily be pointed out right from your childhood whether you are an introvert or not. Certain habits don’t leave you by their own until you work over them. You can also drop your introversion by joining different clubs and societies of your interest where you can meet other people and get an exposure. Also attending parties and meetings, be they official or unofficial, may work in this direction. The signs of introversion are better detected by us than others as we know ourselves more than anybody does. Too much living in oneself also leads to loneliness and negative ambience around you.

Thus, the crux of the argument is that one must be an introvert up to the level it does not harm your personality. This is to say that, taking out time for yourself and being alone for some time is justified, whereas making isolation your choice forever is not a good option. In this modern era, where everybody is busy in making his/her identity in the world, introverts are often side stepped. A person should be confident enough to participate in the discussions of his interest. Where on one hand, reading and researches done in seclusion prove beneficial for the person, similarly; stepping out of the comfort zone and meeting people also enhances your personality. Therefore, try being an extrovert for your own betterment.




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