The Invaluable Values

During travels, many times when we need to find the right direction, then for navigational purpose, we use a compass. It helps us to find the right desired direction to move ahead, but what if at the time of confusion we lose it? We might waste our time and energy on those paths, which are wrong. This shows the significance of a compass during the travel, where unpredictability and confusions might occur. It really helps us to solve such issues and makes the journey easy.

Life is no less than a journey, where unpredictability and confusions emerge at every next step, sometimes even at a rapid speed. It unfolds many surprises and astonishes us. Many times, in life, we need to take important decisions in a short time span. Many times we need to choose our way quickly and during such situations, if we don’t have clarity about what we want in life then several mistakes may occur. We need a compass of values which can clarify the confusions and show us the right path, which is accurate for us and if we lack it then the probability of wrong choices enhances. Values work as a compass for us to show us the right direction.


Values are a set of beliefs, which guide us the way of living. It shows us the best path to walk in life that can simplify the journey of life and make the best of it.

Values are universal in nature. The traits of it are found in every human personality irrespective of caste, creed or nationality. It is something that manifests in our actions and behaviors.

Values are nothing but the core qualities that every human soul consists of and that is the reason it really doesn’t  depend on the variables outside such as caste, color or nationality etc.

Our values are inside us. When we take birth in this world, we are innocent. We are our natural selves. We don’t pretend to be something else. We are in our internal joyous state. As we grow, we learn and assimilate various qualities and personality traits from our surroundings. Family, friends and then various people who come into our life affect us in many ways and sometimes this affect the values on which we believe.

Values are inherent in every being in this world. Peace, love, happiness, mercy, truth, honesty, purity, transparency etc. are the core values that every human being possesses in potential form and the growth and development of these values depend on how much we use it. We use it, but many a times such situation arrives that we fail to walk on our values and refuses to listen to our inner voice. With everyone it happens. In life at some point, we suppress the inner voice of ours and compromise on our values and this is the time where degradation of soul starts. We think that compromising once will not cause any humongous loss to us and we accomplish that, but this compromising once makes us weak inside. We might get our work done outside, but we let our inner immunity crash by doing so. Everything that we do opposite to our values, it leaves an impression and affects the inner strength. In childhood, we really don’t know to manipulate people or to deceive someone. But at some point in life when we do so, we reduce our inner power. Every time when we do something unethical or suppress our inner voice, we refuse to use our values in life and opt for something else. And very soon we start to ignore the inner voice very often and whole complexity as well as unhappiness arises from here. We don’t pay much attention to it and take it lightly, but at the end, it really affects the life in a wholesome way.

My uncle once told me story about his adolescent period. He told me that in his peer group, he was the only one who never used to smoke. All his friends used to smoke, but he only used to have coffee. At that time he had another level of confidence and self faith. Even after being offered many times, he kept on standing on his decision of not smoking and this conviction and firmness for his values kept him confident and strong from within, but there came a day when he broke this and just for fun’s sake he tried it out. He wanted to do it for once, but that doing it once led him to a bad habit and very soon this habit made him internally so weak that he could not spend a day without smoking.

Now he had been dependent on this. Earlier, he was confident and strong enough to say no to those things which were harmful to him, but after being caught in this habit, he had lost that power. He compromised on his values and consequently lost his controlling power on himself.

This is just the one example of life, where someone compromised on his values. There are several situations when most of us not even think twice to compromise on it. We lie like its natural for us. We can’t even count how many lies do we say in a day. It has been so natural that sometimes it even doesn’t get registered in our mind. We manipulate people for our benefits. We use our relationships for personal profits. We earn money unethically and also try to please God by offering him materialistic objects earned from that money. Religion teaches us to love each other and we are even ready to kill each other in the name of religion. Nowadays we do almost everything  that is contradictory to our basic values.

This is the only reason that even after achieving everything and having every single luxury, we still feel a void inside because during gathering all these luxuries, we compromised a lot on our values. We hardly listen to what our inner voice says and in this process, we have reached a state where honesty, truth, uprightness is considered obsolete. We can find people saying that these values don’t work in today’s age.

The eternal human values which are the root cause of the happiness, somewhere we have stopped using them often and have gone on a wrong path and perhaps this is the reason that most of the people are unsatisfied and surrounded by negativity. We all are searching for happiness and the solutions for that unknown emptiness which emerges suddenly. And the solution is to walk on our values because not walking on them leads the life only towards complications and after wasting our time and energy to sort out those complications, we really realize that manipulation and dishonesty can make our work done but can’t make us happy inside.

In this present juncture, the need of the hour is inculcation of these values in our practical life. We really should give it a try. Walking on this path, we might face some obstacle, but one thing it assures us is the contentment and happiness, which is the sole aim of every one’s life.

Values are invaluable. They make the journey really smooth and simple and walking on values makes us a human in real sense.

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