Inventions and discoveries: The World It Is Today


Revolutions succeeded revolutions. The church opposed the scientists vehemently, in the early phases of scientific revolution. The priests thought that science posed a great threat to the credibility of existence of religious beliefs. Those minds which thought far ahead were suppressed. Nevertheless, many scientists like Galileo and sir Isaac Newton bravely proceeded with their theories. While many have now met with contradictory facts, it cannot be denied that they are the fundamental blocks of modern scientific research.

Various phenomenon were discovered and subsequently theories were coined. These enabled the invention of surplus number of gadgets. Until today, the field is expanding, in fact at a much faster rate and now life has been made very simple and luxurious for the affordable lot. The world is under the control of man and who knows if one day man gets to control the rotation and revolution of earth! Indeed it is good but it has also proven disadvantageous for a bigger sector of the society. The traditional workers and craftsmen undergo crisis and our health is also subjected to many problems because of using these amenities. Our Mother Earth suffers no less in this vicious circle formed by the human beings.

There was a time when there was a great demand for artists. Even after the advent of cameras, portraiture was prevalent. But now, thanks to various software applications like Photoshop that artists are not needed any more. There are factories and machines for producing anything and everything, that handicrafts have become less in demand. Most of the carpenter and potters have lost their job. While one sector of the working men enjoy due to the advancement of technology, another suffers heavily.

All the amenities come with a heavy cost. It demands money as well as our health. The radiations from televisions, smartphones and other gadgets that emit radiations are harmful. They are reported to be the most likely agents of causing cancer. They also affect the brain. Indirectly, the large storage spaces in terms of giga byte and tera byte has given us the excise to try and remember anything. Ultimately, the potential to memorise even the smallest of the issues, how much ever important, weakens. Calculators have further added to the poor working of the brain. Cars and bikes are so helpful indeed that people have become lazy to even cover short distances by foot. How ironic is it to see someone pay a fortune just for a membership in the health club and go there by means of a transport. Vacuum cleaners are so easy to use that there is no need to bend and stretch. One need not spend hours in the garden to water the plants owing to the sprinklers. How unfortunate they really are to be missing out the fresh air and gentle form of exercise. In fact,it is pretty hard to find gardens. Multi stroreyed apartments have been built every where. All have such busy schedule everyday that they cannot spare time to grow even small plants in their balcony and water them regularly. Ladies used to put in lot of effort to grind ingredients for cooking. But now, there are mixer grinders and even ready made powders and flours available that everyone can have their energy saved. In a way it is useful for the working women but what about the health? They do not have time for walks or gym. Easy access to the junk food has lead to obesity and other health problems like sugar and cholesterol. Most of them those who work in offices merely sitting in from of the desktop suffer from back aches. Our body needs some work to be done on it to keep moving. It is similar to how a machine stops working if kept unused over a long period of time. The number of hospitals have increased way more than the past that it has now become a profitable business to be a doctor, own a hospital / clinic or have a pharmacy.

Coming to the environment, until and unless where we live is healthy, we cannot be healthy. There is pollution everywhere – in land, water and even the air we breath in. Many do not have access to clean drinking water. This is one of the serious impacts of factories and various electrical appliances. The importance of conservation has now been realised but the effect already imposed on the environment cannot be changed. There is water shortage. Global warming has changed climatic conditions drastically. Flora and fauna have been deeply affected. Many species have become endangered and some extinct.

It is the innovations in the field of arms and ammunitions that wars have become far more destructive. Crimes have been made easier with chemicals like Rohypnol. Research is being done to discover an alternative source of energy and nonetheless, an alternative planet to live itself. In this quest, the surroundings are degrading further. Large sums of money are being spent as well on such paths. Instead, more portions can be spent and on concentrated the poor nations. Most of the countries in Africa are still underdeveloped and many are losing their lives due to malnutrition. Now completely switching to social welfare will lead to affect the scientists and engineers.

Hence, moderation is the key. Too much of anything is good for nothing. An invention is made focussing on the advantages. The fact remains that it is also accompanied by disadvantages. So everything has to be balanced. At equilibrium, there will be peace and equality and what is the most essential of human life – stability among all. So support the progress. At the same time remember that old is gold.

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