Jealousy: The Insecure Policy

You must have felt it at least once in your whole life. You may not acknowledge it or may choose not to believe that you have experienced it. JEALOUSY. It is an awful feeling of panic, insecurity and worry. Maybe you do not remember, but the first time that you were jealous of somebody must have been due to extensive competition. When your class teacher displayed the drawing of your classmate’s but not yours. Or maybe when you saw your crush talking to another girl. It is not just for a specific person, for a specific reason. It can be for anybody and for any small thing.

Jealousy is one of the most negative emotions that can hit a human being. It spoils friendships, self image, relationships and leaves you with absolutely nothing but solitude. It all starts when you are a kid in primary. If a birthday kid gives more chocolates to some other guy but you, this feeling arouses. When you see people scoring better than you in examinations, in spite of you working really hard, you cannot help but be jealous. These are situations when you think trying and working hard is not the best option in life. You then decide to give up, but your self esteem stops you.


When you see all your friends giving more attention to a specific person for reasons that are too small for you to believe, you tend to be jealous. It is something you cannot control and bring to a decline. It is sad to see really strong and old friendships getting spoilt because of this reason. The main principle of our lives should be: to be happy in other’s happiness and sympathize with them during their sad times. When come times where you have your dream job just waiting for your interview, and according to you, you give in your best shot. But at the end of the day, you lose it to somebody else; you cannot help but be jealous of the person who got placed. These episodes in life give us a chance to improve as a person and check our mistakes and flaws.

Try to get over jealousy as this feeling can really portray you as a shallow person. Try to be happy for whatever you have. Be happy for the success of others and God will himself bless you with all the happiness in the world. But do not let the feeling of happiness for others make you feel satisfied for yourself. If you are satisfied with yourself, you meet your saturation point. And thus, your growth stops. There is no chance that you will look for opportunities and try to make the most out of every situation.

There are cases where people’s jealousy went up to such an extent that they murdered that person or committed suicide themselves. It is sad to see such kind of extremes in the behaviour of people as it leads them to a very extensive mental and emotional stress. When such a level is reached in life, one must relax, meditate and introspect oneself. Try to analyse why you are going wrong. If you feel there are things you are deprived of and you really need them, then look out for ways to attain them without disturbing anybody’s private affairs. Never compare yourself with others. You should be your own competition. Compare yourself with your past. Visualize your future, DREAM what you wish to be and follow the path that you feel would take you there; to the TOP.


Jealousy usually comes in the form of competition. You will not even realise that you are jealous of a person and when will you reach the level of hating that person. You will try to spy that person and poke your nose in whatever that person is doing. Since you will intrude into the intimate zone of that person, you will face issues. This results in cracks in a relationship. And once the relationship gets a crack, it becomes really difficult to mend it. The strive to succeed in life should not let you hamper your relationship; with anybody at any cost.

If you are really into something, then just grab all opportunities and make the most of it. If you want something really bad, you have to put in the best efforts. No complaints and no demands. Do not be disheartened if you do not succeed and try to accept the fact that there are people better than you in every field. You just have to give in your best to get whatever you want. This is because you are always rewarded for the good things that you do and penalized for the bad things that you do. Calm yourself in every situation and just go for it. Do the dew. As it is said that, victory follows terror.

Be happy for others and keep doing your work. If you feel you are never rewarded for the good things that you do, just remember, keep doing the right thing with all your efforts and you will get whatever you want in life.


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