Journey has begun: take wise breaks

Life is a highly unexpected journey, full of number of lanes from where either you can take an exit or a u-turn. Wondering how life plays with us? Rather it’s us who play around with our lives.  From very childhood to the day one dies, the decisions one makes, either makes him or breaks him. But this process is never permanent. Each of the decisions we make has a direct impact on our present as well as future.  Our every right decision takes us forward while our every wrong decision gives us a lesion to move forward. This is the hardcore reality of life.

life is an unexpected journey

The kind of upbringing or say the social background, the education all plays a vital role in developing ones personality. The basic structure of a human brain is by nature the same but the only difference between two individual is how developed or how active their mind is, this is where all the difference lies. Want to know how? The answer is quite simple. A person when given good knowledge of this world and religion, one who is connected to God and the one who fears his deeds is the kind of a person who is expected to make fair decisions based on the knowledge of world and divine power.  While a person lacking any one of these, however knowledgeable he is in his field cannot make perfect decisions.

When God created man He wrote the destiny of every one of them, the ultimate destiny that is either he will enter the paradise or he will be banished in Hell forever. This is the extreme destiny for all mankind in general. Now when they say your destiny is in your hand or you can alter your destiny it is this, what they mean. With every of your righteous decision you get close to attaining paradise, as God will be pleased with your choices while every of your wrong or corrupt decision will force your way to hell. It’s such a simple concept to understand. We are here to deliver God’s will, His will to test his best creation against all odds and therefore we all must strive to make best decisions in our own favor.

Have God by your side

Keep learning

Life is a learning process; no one is a complete learned. Throughout your life span you get one thing or the other to learn. Never back out from learning thinking you have learned enough, may be that thing from which you back out is the thing that will determine your destiny.  There is always a scope of improvement no matter how perfect life is going. Arrogance is one thing God dislikes the most. Don’t be overconfident about yourself nor look low on others. Remember a tree baring fruits is always bended towards the ground while a tree with no fruits at all stands tall. Humbleness is the virtue of a rich man. Even though you have all the wealth in the world but not the virtue of generosity, kindness and simplicity you are way much poorer than a beggar.  A noble person is always judged by the way he treats people who are lesser than him.

Always keep your eyes on the ground, this will not only teach you how to escape from pitfalls but also teach you how to respect others, a person staring at the sky has more chances of falling and hurting himself. There are many valuable learning that one can gain from ones surrounding.  Ants crawling up and down the walls teach you the importance of hard work, a simple house lizard can teach you the art of dedication, your own pet dog can teach you faithfulness while a firefly is symbolic of someone who although burns from within but lights from outside. Life is not a simple piece of cake, you have to toil, and twist and turn you own self along with ethical handling of both values and virtues. Even for those born with a silver spoon in mouth, you have much to accomplish as you have lots to lose than your counterparts who can risk all without the fear of losing.

Manage all corners

Setting benchmarks of expectations for your own will help you analyze your strength and work on your weakness.  The prerogative of the weak is hard work and faith in the higher soul. Sticking to your ethics will make you rule your character, and character is what distinguishes you from others. Issuing directives is easy while following one is hard, be it your home or office. But ones you are connected with your soul and your mind is free from unnecessary calculations or temptations you are ready to make fair decisions that will be easy to follow as well as lead. Is it always the great to be remembered?  No, it is rather the wise and selfless. Your wealth will not be remembered ones you reach your grave but it will be the virtues that you leave behind that will make people call you even when you are gone.  You are born empty handed and will leave this world the same way, but this journey which you began should reach its ultimate destination.

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