Michael Tan says–“Life is about taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from past and realizing people change.” We all are surrounded with many people who make our life brighter each day by simply being in it. Life without relationship cannot be possible. Relationship is the strength of our life. They act as a soul of our life. We have so many relationships that we even forgot take care of them. We get busy in our life so much that we don’t have time to share our feelings, emotions and thoughts with our friends, parents, colleagues etc. Life is about give and take. If you give love others then only you can get from them. If you give time to others then only you can get precious time of others. If you will respect others then only you can get respect from them.  Don’t expect such things from others which you yourself not able to give others. Relationship whether it is with our parent, friends, colleagues, sister, brother etc all face ups and down at some point in our life.  Like plants need water to grow, in that way only relationship also need to nourish from time to time through gifting. It makes the bond of relationship stronger. Gifting acts as a dose in a relationship to show our emotions, feelings, love towards others. It makes others also feel happy as they realize the importance of being the part in our life. “Life is very precious; we should not waste it in doing anything that our heart does not love, respect or agree with. Remember that the seed of love in you is within your every act of kindness, a seed that will grow in the heart of the recipient.”– says Kammy Nola.


We should do something that can bring change in others life. We should do something that can bring happiness in others life and can make their life and living better. If you are able to provide a single thing or small thing which can bring happiness to others, then that means a lot to others. Don’t expect changes for others, be there for change. First you should change, and then expect changes from others. I personally believe that each and every person in this world enjoys getting and giving gifts, and that is what I call it a joy of gifting. It means the gift which brings smile to our face, full our heart with happiness, makes us proud to be with that person, makes us feel like flying in the sky or helps us to show our emotions, feelings in the most beautiful way. All of us indulge at some point in our life in giving gift or getting gift regardless of any culture. There are some psychological association and consequences in act of giving gift to others and getting gift from others. When we give gift to others it makes us think about that person. Instead of thinking about our self, we think more about that person which helps to reduce our ego and thoughts about our self and make us to put them ahead of our self. This will only happen if we are doing it without any expectation from others without being selfish. Likewise when we are accepting gift from others with genuine appreciation, we are indulge in thinking of that person instead of thinking about our self which in turn reduces our ego irrespective of whether we like the gift or not. These are the psychological benefits of joy of gifting. There is a spiritual law of karma, in which there is a lesson of give and take which says that when we are giving gift and getting gift then we are either generating or setting a give and take account with that person or we experience the importance or not importance of that person in our life depending on the gift we received and also depending on the intentions behind giving that gift. If one has increased the importance of that person and his relationship in his or her life by giving gift then that person also receives same amount of happiness in this birth or he or she may receive same amount of happiness in next birth from that person only.


To achieve the true purpose of your lives it is important to complete all your stored account. Before that you will not be able to escape from the whole cycle of birth and death. This is all explained by law of karma. We should give or receive gift from others with a psychological or spiritual emotion that we are giving and getting gift from god who is inside every person. God inside a person is giving gift to other god who is inside that person and vice verse. We should always give gift or get gift without expectation. If we are giving gift to others with some expectations then we are getting selfish at some point, only thinking about our self and it may lose the real meaning of gifting and love. There are many types of gift existing in this world that can bring small change in the lives of others and make them feel there importance in your life. The most precious gift that a person can give to others is love. “Love is always bestowed as a gift-freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.” – says Leo Buscaglia. We can give beautiful cards, flowers, teddy bear, perfumes, key rings etc to others. Forgiveness is also a gift that makes others feel comfortable but also heals our own heart and mind. One also can give respect to others as a gift it really matters to that person a lot. The highest and the most precious gift a person can receive or get is a gift of life from God. It is the gift where a person gets an opportunity to live a beautiful life on the earth and with the human beings which tell him to move ahead always in the life. Life on earth teaches him or her various lives lessons and makes him stronger. So give and receive gift to or from others without any expectations. A little step of yours towards others can bring a bigger change in their life.

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