Joy of life – Developing Self-Confidence

I often ask myself if I am really feeling well or is it just a mental thought to ignore my ailments. Not that I remain diseased all the time but this is a common notion among us that we will fall ill if we do not follow the trend. We go to a quietly sitting doctor and get ourselves prescribed for n number of doses and come home relieved and content. Before rushing to a doctor, think of a valid reason of your sickness. Listen to a powerful speaker for some time and you will find yourself rejuvenated again. Of course it is not applicable for every type of illness. The speech of a powerful speaker on a podium rushes to our neurons and there is an instant chemical reaction in our grey matter. Self-confident people have qualities that everyone admires. They showcase them in such awe charming manner that we remain dumb struck on lending our ears to them.


It is very important that you perceive yourself in high standards for you project yourself out to the universe. When you are confident about your being and happy that you exist, you tend towards being a winner in every aspect of life. Perception strikes right into your face. There is a direct linear relationship between self-confidence and amount of success. The more confident you are, the more likely you are to succeed. The catch of the whole idea is to develop it which is certainly not an overnight acquisition. Many factors affect its development. If we talk about its initial stages, parents play a vital role in shaping the attitude of their children. If they are caring and full of acceptance, children will generate good feelings about themselves. But if they are way too demanding, their children will often develop inadequacy, inferior thoughts and incapability. Parents should make it a point in appreciating their child’s work, be it small or big and this will pave the way to their self-esteem or confidence. We often misinterpret the two terms-self-confidence and esteem. They may be linked by the common denominator of attitude but they are quite different. When it comes to performances, we feel confident about our roles, while self-esteem is to judge ourselves on the parameters like looks, styling, appearances and our thinking. Try to think of self-esteem as the set and self-confidence as its subset. It is possible that people with high self-esteem may well be low in being confident.


Look at a great success and visualize yourself to be a part of the winning campaign. Accredit yourself by rewards and gifts. Do not be spurious in your expenses! Life is very short to rebuke your wrongs and punish for the blunders. Instead if we spend a little more time to be optimistic about our opportunities and start working towards them, we will at least be on some track. There is a very popular saying which goes like, the moment you doubt whether you can fly; you cease forever to be able to do it. Cultivate positive thoughts and treasure them like gold. They can be a very powerful way to improve confidence. A marvellous personality, hellen keller once said that nothing can be done without hope and confidence. If she can achieve so much in her lifetime, then you can too! It is our tendency to look for likes when searching for friends and life partners. On similar lines, if we are confident, we tend to be in such companionships. Confidence is contagious and so is the lack of it. If you choose to be a man one can always look upon, it is high time to take charge of your atmosphere.


Remember the mantra-nobody is perfect. The reality is everyone feels a lacking at some point in their lives. The road is full of bumps and puddles. We tend to fall, get wet and hurt. But what matters is whether we allow them a significant position. Learn to bounce off from your mistakes. It is up to you to use them as a bed of thorns or a cushion. Once you got off your mistakes, it is time you identify your talents and strengths. Everyone is good at something. What we lack and mostly all of us do, is the ability to lean on them. We know of our excel points but we fail to accept their credibility. Take your time. Allow yourself the permission to take pride in them. Expression is a great way to show what you are capable of. We start to develop an efficacy if we master our skills.

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Using them to persuade others or making it your profession can boost your confidence manifolds. The Monday morning blues and sweaty hands can prove to be setback for your life. The racing heart beat and rising pulse rate can be a grave matter of concern. Next time, be hard on yourself. If you end up in a family gathering or an office party, do not just stick around with your acquaintances. Go and talk to some new faces. You never know who you will discover. If you have got the message then you will the confidence coach to yourself. Grab the code to it. Once you have it, you will unlock the secret to developing natural confidence and you will ready to dent this world.

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