The Joys Of Being A Woman

I’ve spent the last 1 and a half years of my life in a girls college which is primarily obsessed with women rights and how oppressed women are, and even though I had no intention to be a feminist and I still am not, I’ve grown to become a lot more sensitive and touchy about topics involving women. Now there are way too many inherent disadvantages we’re born with. Be it strength, periods, childbirth and the list goes on. Women are sexually harassed, objectified and ogled at wherever they go, and the fact stands almost irrespective of how good or bad you look. As long as you have your female parts intact, there’s no way a man’s eyes are going to skip you. The virtually undressing in their heads which men term as checking out is a common scenario. Now I can go on and go about how much suffering is there in a woman’s life and cry and howl about it, but well today, I choose not to. And I’d recommend this to every woman out there. You’re not a victim, so stop acting like one. You’re only a victim when you let the suffering get to you. That way you’re suffering a lot more in your head than you actually are.

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There are perks to being a woman too. You have a shorter queue everywhere. The concept of ‘ladies first’ also works in our favour a lot of times. We’re usually showered with love and protected like a baby. Hell, I love that. How we’re treated by the chivalrous men, who are very few in number now though. We’re usually on the receiving end of proposals, compliments, admiration etc. I don’t think guys are ever swept off their feet, even though I’ve never been swept off my feet by a man myself, I’ve seen it happen to my fellow women. It can be slightly easier for us to get away with things too sometimes. We definitely have better clothes to wear and a lot more variety. And a whole lot of cosmetics who get those jaws dropping especially when we get on the dance floor. You’re appreciated almost no matter how you move because you’re so easy on the eyes, its way too hard to not ignore your grace. There’s free entry for women at most of the best nightclubs I’ve ever been to . We’re more pleasing to the eyes in general. I wouldn’t trade my life with a guy’s no matter how painful being a woman maybe.


Yes, we cannot be as casual about things as guys can be. We are discriminated against at various places and face hardships all through our lives. We cannot sneak out of our houses at midnight and stay out all night without giving a mini heart attack to our parents or being eve teased or raped even. We probably can’t even get decent scores in our exams studying for just one night. I’m speaking for myself here mostly but since I’m just another regular girl I think I would correctly be representing most women I know. And mostly if you can ask me, the biggest disadvantage we suffer is how women in several parts of the world are looked down upon as the weaker sex. We’re people and not objects. We don’t dress up to attract the man across the street but to feel good about ourselves when we look in the mirror.  We are homemakers. The woman in the family is the binding force, the strong thread that runs through the family and keeps everyone together. But we’re not only meant to run a family. We’re a whole lot more than that. Women these days have moved beyond the four walls of their homes, and are ruling the corporate sector, or for that matter women are trying their hands in a variety of fields.


We’re doing great things, substantial things that are making a difference in the society. We’re slowly moving away from that typical patriarchal society and the change is only for the better. In these times of transition, how mature are we really being if we are just whining about our suffering? I feel blessed to be a woman.  You’re someone’s saving grace. You get to be the mother of a child. My dad often tells me he envies mom for the kind of attachment me and my sister have with her. And that’s something you can’t help. The child stays in the mother’s womb for 9 months, the cord may be cut surgically, but the bond lasts forever. You’re protected as a sister, and loved and pampered by everyone around. You’re wooed by men for the charm you ooze every time you walk down a street dressed impeccably from head to toe. You’re beautiful, you’re desirable. You can cry your heart out like a baby without being called gay or stupid.  You get reservations at a lot of places. You’re emotionally way stronger and stable than any man will ever be. You’re more human because you can admit to having all the feelings you’re supposed to have. You’re more connected to your inner self. People write songs about women. There’s no reason for you to crib about being a woman, and you have every reason to celebrate being one.

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