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Just imagine you are solving a sum of physics and you start using the formula of chemical kinetics from chemistry. You go for studying biology but you start applying theories of newton! What a horrifying situation it would be? Isn’t it? You try to avoid it but your efforts go in vain and you feel completely helpless and retarded. All because your BIG BOSS- BRAIN abducts its orders from letting you do things properly and in a sound manner.
Just think what would happen if you just mingle up the things together! For instance you start using the formulas of one subject into another. Not only confining strictly to studies, what if you think to speak something which you wanted to but your mouth ends up with something else. You want to compliment someone but land up speaking something that messed up everything!


What would we do if we start memorizing things that are of no importance to us and start losing the sight of everything that is/are valuable for us? Won’t we go crazy?

What makes us call someone mad? Do mad people do or behave like the way mentioned above?

What do we do when all of a sudden all of you memories both good and bad, sweet and sour start clouding in your mind( of Corse at times we are mostly indulged in ‘could have and did’ i.e. regretting about past and worrying about future, but what if it started happening on daily basis? Scary right?)  . WHAT WOULD WE DO IN SUCH BLOOD-CURDLING AND NERVE RACKING SITUATION???

Won’t it feel like to get rid of this life all because our brain stopped functioning normally? If it was to happen with me, I would have surely asked or looked for an escape! Thank god I still am a normal homo-sapien! Huh!
Well I guess, now we have a short picture of such grotesque kind of situation. Having known all the adversaries that could have been caused to us if our brain didn’t work properly; we come to appreciate this very vital organ of our body.

your brain

Now we come to understand what a fantastic role our BRAIN plays. Worthless to mention, great would have been that mind who thought of designing such a complex organ that made our life a hell lot easier! I mean am so busy appreciating the design of this organ that everything else appears so small to me when compared to the framework of our brain. It has got the ability to store different things in different sections making sure that these data or information can be accessed at different points whenever or wherever we need them.


You learn the subject one day prior to exam only on the hope that your brain would remind you that it would assist you the very next day and you would score well (although sometimes just before seeing the question paper our brain sits on strike and says a big NO to us), but most of the times it has been found favoring us.

Perhaps the most important role it plays is the one to wash off the things or let go of the things or events or incidents which occurred in the past and unfortunately had a bad impact on our lives. Yes it tries its best to erase all those memories which haunt us so that new rooms can be created for the new-born happy memories, but sometimes we hold onto that moment so firmly that our brain quits.

This superb ability of brain to guide us to right path when we seem lost, to help express ourselves, to allow us to feel the moments of our life be it bizarre or glorious, sad or humorous, and most important of all to help us in differentiating things and situations, to analyze and decide, some of the very important pillars of a persona that decide your fortune, that decides where would lead your life to.

At times it corrects us when we are looking wrong. Seems like every one of us have got an inbuilt best buddy who helps you to survive. The reason that supports our existence because we do not hesitate to call someone brainless if he/she is found to act abnormal or out of their way. We often advise them to see an asylum and we cut our company from that very individual.

Courtesy of all these great deeds goes to our big-boss sitting in an extremely strong caged structure, compact and concise, our BRAIN!

Ku-dos to you almighty! You really did a stupendous job of letting us have the privilege to own this organ.  All I wonder is who designed brain of yours!
Yet, hats off to the GREAT GENIUS- GOD who invented brain as one of the most distinguishing organ. This is the only reason why we have the privilege to be called a social-animal. It’s because we possess brain unlike them! (Though animals are behaving smarter these days compared to some sapiens!).

Hey brain, thanks for being there and thanks for being normal. Be yourself and don’t deviate because we are entirely dependent on you!


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