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This topic is probably the most shop-worn of all time. You read about how to settle down your life from the entire hustle bustle going around you. I chose to write this because my exams have recently just begun and I do not feel so calm at all. But it is needed right now, since nothing more than writing calms me down so I thought maybe I give you some life-gyan (Hindi term for knowledge).

Maybe you are a student *like me* trying to balance your studies and play time. Which isn’t really happening is it? Or maybe you are a professional in your choice of field running about meetings and trying to reach the deadline or possibly a mother at home getting errands done. Man is meant to constantly be on the move otherwise leads sedentary life which he isn’t meant for. Now I agree that you are always supposed to keep yourself busy because it can lead to madness but always performing some kind of action also does lead to madness. In today’s world where your actions and words (and status apparently) matters a lot more than anything else finding time for oneself is hard. You cannot find “inner peace” as Master Shifu couldn’t in Kung-Fu Panda. Do you know the reason why?

Be it at any stage of your life you are at, it is essential you make every second count. Being a musician, I know how much time is essential. Practising to master the art of the chosen instrument takes time and patience. If you have a passion for something make sure you have something to drive that passion. This car will not move ahead without any fuel in it. You will have many legendary examples put in front of you that inspire you to work on your aim, but in the end it is you who has to do all the dirty work to see perfection. This is where “keeping calm” comes handy. Everything you want will not just suddenly appear, not everybody has a pet like Doremon to give you everything you want and make life easier *personally it is the worst Japanese cartoon ever! *. You know the saying “try and try until you succeed”. The doubles in this proverb imply patience and persistence. This is one aspect of the keeping calm mantra.

The other is peace. Take time out for yourself kid, replenish your system so you can get back up and running again. For students, do not resort to drugs for chilling out, DON’T! IT’S BAD FOR YOU. Rather go out on trips on weekends, of course after you are done with studies and whatever else you are dealing with, try some sort of new hobby like dance/photography/drawing, find the kid in you again. Watch a little anime *know the difference between cartoon and anime and try not to get addicted to it!* do whatever possible to keep your mind off studies for some time. I exercise and write and play the guitar to find inner peace. And it helps. Nothing calms me more than music and books. For people working/ in the professional industry/ home-maker, do the same! Meditation helps you in many ways. Just inhaling and exhaling for a few minutes gathering all your tension into the inhales and release the tension with the exhale. Try it! Engage yourself in something you haven’t done in years! Like those ads with women going back to their teen years while sipping on cuppa *who goes reminiscing while sipping tea/coffee? , weird ideas these advertising companies come up with! At least I disagree!*. Keep yourself away from all the screaming and shouting and go someplace secluded, not shady but quite enough for you feel calm.


Now there is other type of “keeping calm” also. This deals with your emotions and your thoughts. We all aren’t Sherlock who can keep our brains busy and filled with only the things that are important for us like he does. But we can try. I tried and well, let’s say I failed falling flat on my face. It is tough! But you needn’t try this method, do what suits you best. Just know which emotions need to kept at bay so that they don’t bother you. Jealousy will block every path of love to enter the heart. Fear will only drag you down and pull you even further from your dreams.

“Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind -Lateralus, Tool (band)”


Why you need to get a hold of your emotions is because it will help you build your state of mind and bring it to peace. Keep your motivated on what is necessary rather than distracting you. Patience, will power and your core needs to be strong. The core as in, not in the exercising terms, but your mind. Some say meditation helps, or distracting yourself from what is bothering you.

Whenever you feel like you are in a deep pit and it seems impossible to get out, take a deep breath and start over. Apparently science has proven that taking a deep breath before trying to do something again works in a similar manner as the reset button you find in video games. Don’t give up on anything or anyone. Keeping calm to maintain relationships is important. Familial ties are receding these days it is important one must love and respect their family, your friends/other-half’s are just as important because you gave them the right to become that important in your life. Another thing, do not regret on your actions/words, because there truly is no reset button on life. Once you have said and done something it was what you wanted to do at that moment, you cannot take that back so might as well don’t ponder over and cry over the spilt paint.

Have respect for who you are and the others and be a good human being. In this world which constantly getting bleaker, be aware of your responsibilities and yourself.

Like they say, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.


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