Keep Calm and Stay Single

What’s your relationship status? All youngsters across the world, be it commoners or celebrities have encountered this question at one point or the other in their lives. But does your relationship status really matter? Does any multinational say that if you are committed then only will you be offered this job? Is being single or in love the most important thing in your life, even more than career and family? Today being committed has become the new trend? You are not supposed to be hep if you have never dated a boy/girl. Does being in a relation always mean that you are in love? Where are we youngsters heading to?

relationship status

Today relationships have become trivial. It’s just a wave that everyone is getting swayed with. Gone are the days when men used to fight the world for their lady love and the couples were determined to get married. Today relationships are made either under peer pressure, for show off or just for time pass. Girlfriends are changed every fortnight and the relationship status on facebook changes along with them. Lust, craziness and infatuation have become the prime movers of relationships. Being ‘committed’ actually doesn’t involve any commitment or loyalty. You need a boyfriend so that you can flaunt it among friends, so that you can upload fb pictures with him and receive the ‘aww’ comments, so that you can update statuses of love or breakup and gain 100 likes. It all just seems to be fake and useless. You fight with your girlfriend the entire year and buy her a diamond ring on the Valentine’s day doesn’t reflect your love for her. There are just a few ‘true lovers’ left in the world, who love not just for the sake of it but to build a future together.

perks of being single

Being in love is not bad, but if you are not happy with your partner and your relation is just a formality, it’s better to be single. If your love involves only lust and make outs, it’s better to be single. If you can’t bear each other but still are together just for the sake of it, it’s better to be single. Chill, being single is not a crime! The world today is such that if you are single, you are still more happy than the people who are in a relation. Don’t be sad if you don’t have a Valentine on Valentine’s day. Most people don’t have Aids on Aids day. If there are many demerits of being single, there are many advantages as well. You get to focus on your career, your troubled love life doesn’t become an unwanted priority in your life and you get to spend time with your family and friends. The perks of being single are endless.

Freedom: One of the most important merits of being single is that you get to enjoy your freedom. There is no one to stop you from doing what you like, there is no one to force you to do something that you don’t like and there is no one to check your actions. You want to chill with your friends and booze all night on Saturdays, go ahead! There is no who is desperate to know where you are and with whom you are. There is no one to sulk about the fact that you called a girl ‘hot’. Honestly speaking, you get complete freedom of expression and action. You are not bound to remember birthdays and anniversaries and you are not bound to concentrate on only one man/woman in your life.


Money Saviour: If you get to save money and spend the entire pocket money only on yourself, what else could you have asked for. You are not bound to spend thousands on buying gifts on birthdays and anniversaries, Valentines days and even otherwise. If your girlfriend is angry at you, buy her a gift. If your girlfriend has zero balance in her phone, get her recharge done. If you go for a date, you are the one who has to spend all the money at the restaurant and the cinema hall. So if you don’t want to get broke, stay single!

Peace of Mind: On the whole, you enjoy peace of mind. Fights, break-ups, insecurities and ignorance, all these are special characteristics that really make you frustrated and insane. Your mind gets completed diverted, you are not able to concentrate on other important things in life like studies, job and family matters. If you are serious in a relationship but your partner isn’t, you tend to loose all faith in true love and never want to date anyone again. Your life for a while comes to a standstill,  you feel dejected and lifeless, you become depressed and some of you even go through serious illness.

keep calm and stay single

Thus being single is all the more beneficial. Don’t follow the bandwagon and take a decision that if not influenced by anyone around you.Keep calm and stay single and the next time if people asks you why are you single, tell them: I am not single. I am in a relationship with peace and freedom!

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