Keep Laughing: Its the Best Medicine

There are times when we are sad. There are times when we feel extremely low. There are times when we are scared. There are times when we are tensed and depressed. Life shows us all the different phases. Not everyday is a happy day. Not everyday is a lucky day. There are times when we have put in our 100% and still we don’t get through. There are moments that shatter us completely from within. We just want to run away and hide from this hostile world. We always dream of good times but all dreams are not meant to be true. But is there no remedy to it? Is is necessary that all bad days really have to be bad? Isn’t there any method by which the gloomy times become happy?

Yes, there is. There is one unique medicine in the world than can in one go, cure all your sorrows. It is effective, highly recommended by doctors and is free of cost! Believe me, it is not a hoax. This medicine is commonly known as LAUGHTER. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. It helps cure all your physical as well as mental problems. It helps you rejuvenate your spirit, it helps you forget all the worries and live life to the fullest. Life is better when you laugh. And not just laugh, laugh out loud! Let the world know that you have full grown, shining 32 teeth! Let the world know that you are happy. Let the world know that nothing and no one can ever snatch away your happiness from you. Let the world know that you are a free and a strong spirit. We you don’t laugh because we are happy. We are happy because we laugh. The nature has given us lips, eyes and teeth, not just to eat, see and speak but to laugh as well. No matter how ugly the world calls you, you are the most beautiful person when you laugh our heart out.

Laughing makes you happy

There are many reasons to laugh. Your friend cracks a joke and you laugh. Your friend cracks a joke which is not at all funny, still you laugh (at the fact that it was not funny). You watch a comedy film and you laugh. Some one tickles you and you laugh. Someone is damn funny in class and you laugh. You make fun of people and laugh too. Your friend is getting scolded by the teacher and you laugh. The world provides us with many reasons to laugh and we should not miss even one. But not always you have to have a reason to laugh. Though people will call you mad, but you can sometimes laugh without a reason. It’s good to always keep a smile on the face and it’s even better to frequently change this smile in to a loud laugh. Sometimes people may even curse you to laugh in a situation that actually demanded silence or remorse. When a cheesy friend has a breakup with her boyfriend, she can’t stop herself from crying with people all around her trying to console. But you are the odd one out and you just can’t stop laughing. You read a funny meme on facebook while sitting in the library and all of a sudden you laugh scaring the hell out of others who were hitherto studying in pin drop silence. But you don’t need to care about the world. Do what your heart says. Keep finding moments to share laughter.

laughing helps you look younger

Laughter also has certain biological benefits. Experts agree that comparing a person who laughs regularly with a person who is mostly sad, the former one looks much younger in age. And who doesn’t want to look young? Laughter helps in rejuvenating the respiratory system and thus improves the breathing process. It helps in proper and full circulation of blood to all parts of the body and also reduces risks of heart diseases. Laughter is a natural pain killer. No matter how painful your wound is, if you laugh out your pain, you will be absolutely fine. Laughing helps you to have a constant smile at your face even when you are under extreme work pressure. This obviously improves your efficiency. Laughing decreases the stress level and helps you tackle all problems with confidence. At the end of the day, you have no remorse to cry upon. As a result, laughter helps you to sleep peacefully with no worries. So there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t start consuming this medicine.

laugh till your stomach hurts

So whenever you feel sad, just laugh it out. Whenever you feel that your world is coming to an end, just laugh it out. We have exams problems, job problems, family problems, girlfriend problems etc. The list is endless if you really want to crib about it. There are many people around us who don’t want us to be happy. There are times in life when nothing works the way we want it to be. But life is too short to be serious all the time. Life is too short to cry about everything all the time. So, just keep everything aside and learn to live in the present. Forget about the past. Don’t think about the future. Just live the moment and laugh out loud. Laugh till your stomach hurts!

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