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Remember those first days in a relationship when all you can think of was being with him all the time? All the things he would do and the length he would go to surprise you! He would come up with amazing plans and just sweep you off your feet. From morning 9 till night 12, you would be on cloud nine. Awesome days! But then suddenly everything stopped. Does that ever happen to you?

Well, studies reveal that such a point comes into every relationship. When that happen you stop feeling that love feeling that used to put you on top of the world. You stop feeling crazy for him. The adrenaline rush, in the morning to catch up with him in 10 minutes, stops. Meeting him just becomes a normal routine like brushing your teeth, because you have to, and it no longer drives you with excitement.


Now comes the twist in the story. Men experience this same feeling with women. When a relationship becomes more comfortable, predictable and becomes more of a routine than craziness, the passion once a man felt just frizzles out. You might then decide that it’s no longer working and move on only to find the same thing happening in your next and coming relationships.

What most of us miss is the fact that the dissipation of the passion in a relationship is not only about the physical part in it. It’s more about the emotional part. Men find it difficult to open up to someone. Although they may act tough, they are as much as disturbed as women when in a abominable situation. Men do not like to express their pain or problems in front of others, which I think is, mainly due to their ego. Most people think that men are only physically attracted to women. Well, it’s not true. Emotional attraction plays a great role in a long-term relationship. Emotional attraction is when a man finds a woman with whom he can share his feelings on a level much deeper than he usually permits in his life and to whom he can emotionally connect. It’s the emotional attraction, and not the physical, that keeps a man tangled to his woman for life.


Whenever a man says that he needs ‘alone time’ or creates distance, it is quite difficult to agree to it and it’s tempting to not let go of him. But in most cases it bounces back and leads to an ugly fight. This happens because he feels like you are forcing closeness and men, definitely want a way to get out of commitment and attachments.

So whenever a man asks to be left alone and given some space, you should just listen for once and see the results yourself. Let him take his time. Go visit your family, friends, hit the mall or get your hair done. In short, keep yourself busy so that you can give him the time he needs. Want to know the advantage? If you would force him to tell you the reason of him being upset, he would just freak out and you would end up having a big argument. You wouldn’t talk for days. But trust me, if you give him the space he needs, he would call you even before you start missing him!


If your man seems to be losing interest in the relationship then have something unpredictable planned for him. The first few days of a relationship are a show stopper because everything is unpredictable and unplanned. You just meet up and decide how to spend the day. But this very essence of unpredictability goes missing when a relationship becomes long-term. Don’t worry because you can still get the spark to light up. Give him a surprise. Visit a place you two have always wanted to visit. Be funny and make him laugh. Explore ways to be intimate with him again. Do something of his taste. If he loves boats and water, why not take him out on a date on boat and in the middle of a river? He would be enthralled and realize that you still care for him and love him as much as you did earlier. And if you stay together all the time then spending some time away from each other brings a factor of unpredictability which might light up the old spark again!

So don’t worry if your relationship juice is drying up. Most people take that as a sign of not-made-for-each-other and part their ways. For some people parting ways turn out as devastating.  So it’s better not to take parting as the first solution. Don’t forget that you have all the ingredients for the relationship recipe. You just need to add a few flavors and a little spice to it to bring it to the cloud nine stage again. If your man was physically as well as emotionally attracted to you before, it’s possible to create the same level of attachment again. Focus more on the emotional front and try to keep it strong by giving him the space he asks for and executing plans that are unique and unpredictable. Make him fall in love with you again!


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